Horner: ‘RB16 has enough potential to close the gap to Mercedes’


Red Bull is currently struggling with some aerodynamic problems on the RB16. This one issues are responsible for the many spins of the drivers, but according to Christian Horner, the car has enough potential to make the Mercedes very difficult, provided the car starts to behave better soon.

The first three Grands Prix of the season have all been won by Mercedes. Red Bull came in second twice, but that was not very good. The German formation has simply taken mega steps forward, while Red Bull has taken mouse steps. The hole is therefore already very large in speed, and the hole in points will only increase. That is, if Red Bull does not change the matter. People are of course working day and night to get the RB16 at its best, and therefore leave peripherals such as a DAS 2.0 system for a while. The focus is currently on the chassis of the RB16 so that the gap to Mercedes can be closed. In any case, Horner still believes in the potential of the car.

“It’s a significant hole, but it depends on how much we can unlock on the RB16,” said Horner, RACER. “We know that we have the basics of a decent car here, it just doesn’t behave like our simulation tools predicted and so we need to understand that and make sure it does what it should do, which has simply not been the case so far . ” After the past races, qualifications and free practice, at least the necessary data has been collected. This applies to both dry and wet weather conditions, so it gives a nice holistic view of the performance of the car.

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In any case, Horner is and remains very positive about his driver duo at all times. Alexander Albon sometimes receives criticism about his race pace, but the team boss is certainly happy with the British-Thai driver in his team. He indicated earlier that he did not understand where all criticism of Albon came from. So it’s really a matter of working on the RB16. “We know we need to improve the car and hopefully make drivers’ lives easier and get closer to Mercedes. They currently have a phenomenal car and it is up to us to close that gap,” said Christian Horner.

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