Horeca businesses Amsterdam close to corona: have you been there? | Inland


These are In the City on the Klein Gartmanplantsoen, No Rules on Marie Heinekenplein and café Zwart on the Dam.

In the City is regarded by the GGD as a cluster of infections, for which more than 3 infected persons can be traced back to it. That came into the picture during source and contact research, according to the municipality. Ten persons are known. The club will close for two weeks, at the request of the Security Region.

No Rules, a bar and restaurant, is also a cluster with four infections. There are at least four people ‘who can be traced to the bar area of ​​this location’, according to the municipality. No Rules also closes for two weeks.

A staff member has become infected at café Zwart. There the interior space closes, the terrace remains open.

Major concerns

“The GGD and the Safety Region are very concerned about these recent infections in the catering industry. Catering staff and visitors are urged to stay at home and make an appointment for a corona test. The GGD has also recently seen many infections in the family and private sphere and at parties. It is important that everyone remains alert to complying with the corona rules and keeps a sufficient distance, even when going out, ”says the municipality.


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