Hope evaluates TSO for those who are positive for the virus and refuse treatment


“I am evaluating with my legal department the hypothesis of compulsory health treatments in cases where a person has to be treated and does not do it”: Health Minister Roberto Speranza reported to Repubblica, speaking of the case of the Venetian entrepreneur who has refused treatment and went around while being positive for coronavirus.

“But be careful,” added the minister, “my opinion on how the Italians have behaved in this crisis is positive, without this fundamental harmony between the measures taken and the individual behaviors we would not have bent the curve”.

For Hope “the only tool that works and worked” remains “persuasion” to “make everyone understand that as long as the virus is active we will have to respect the three remaining rules: mask, physical spacing of at least one meter without gatherings and respect for hygiene rules starting from hand washing ”.

“There will be serological tests on workers, molecular tests on the school population”: continues the minister. In his opinion, it is necessary to recover “a constant organic relationship of health prevention with the school”. “I proposed to the Regions that this model be restored,” he added, alluding to the school medicine introduced by a 1961 standard and passed in the 1990s.

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