Hong Kong activist Nathan Law escaped overseas after passing the new security law


Nathan Law, one of the main activists of the so-called “umbrella movement”, which since 2014 has organized major protests to demand more democracy in Hong Kong, announced that he has left the country. Law’s decision came after China passed controversial new national security law with the aim of giving the Chinese government more control over Hong Kong.

The law provides that local police may arrest anyone accused of carrying out “terrorist activities” and acts of “sedition, subversion and secession”, formulas that many have interpreted as an attempt to quell pro-democracy protests that have been going on for about one year in Hong Kong.

Law had been arrested in 2014 along with other well-known Hong Kong activists and sentenced at first instance for unauthorized demonstrations, before being released on bail. During a video conference hearing with the United States House Foreign Affairs Commission, Law said he feared he would be jailed again for his activism, and Thursday released a statement in which he said he had already left the country and now being abroad.

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