Homeless man discovers giant green insect, what animal species is it? Now man is trying to find out


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A homeless man named Tony Porter was spending the night on the street in Manchester when he spotted a surprisingly large insect. And now man wants to know more

Life on the street who has nothing more is hard and is dotted with moments of discouragement and of humiliation. He probably knows it well Tony Porter, the homeless protagonist of the story we are about to tell you. Tony is a 26 year old young man who lived lonely nights, at the mercy of cold and of night hazard of the streets of a big English city which it is Manchester. One night, however, it happened to him something bizarre that for hours intrigued him and perhaps distracted him from his thoughts. And that still intrigues him now, given that Porter has decided to want to know more about his discovery. But what discovery, exactly? The man, settled down to spend the night outside a shopping center, found out the existence of a green insect of unusual size. The Daily Star he tells us what happened.

Homeless man discovers “big” insect, Tony Porter’s bizarre night

Tony Porter is the protagonist of a discovery that has earned a place among the pages of the English tabloids. We are talking about a homeless man who sleeps in the camp near the Stretford shopping center, a Manchester, and that he spotted on Saturday night a green and yellow insect that upset him for its size, similar to those of one of the lids for glasses supplied by Greggs to customers. The insect kept the young man company for a while, seeing that was about to die . Porter however decided that his new friend still deserved to have a name and called him Jeffrey.

Tony Porter has been interviewed since Manchester Evening News and to the microphones of journalists said of never having seen anything like this in Britain.

Homeless man discovers “big” insect, Porter’s investigation. Journalists interviewed him

Tony said he was well careful ando not touch the insect with your hands (he feared it was poisonous), and he observed it well after trapping it by means of a bottle. The animal is dead but the 26 year old is more determined than ever to find out what kind of insect it is.

For this reason he brought the body of the insect with him for show it to people and try to understand if someone knew how to give them indications on the matter, but none of the people questioned seem to have ever seen him. Someone assimilated it to an Agitian beetle and has ventured the hypothesis that it may not be an insect typical of British habitats.

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