Holidays, for 93% of Italians, will be “short and close”. Cities of art collapse, boom of Puglia and Tuscany


Time for holidays and do you travel. But what will the Italians do? Short and proximity holidays those of this summer. In fact, the most striking element of the Confcommercio and Swg Confturismo Observatory on the traveler’s confidence index for June is the “quality” of the planned holiday: almost 4 interviewees out of 10 think they are going for a short holiday, of 2 or 3 days , not far from home, and become 1 in 2 if you also count those who speculate holidays of at least a week, but always without moving much from the usual residence.

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In detail of the survey, respondents who declare that they want to take a holiday in the next few months increase by 3 points – from 35% to 38% in a month, but remain in many – 39% – to say that in any case they will wait to move from home. To the latter are added a further 19% of undecided who would like to leave but fear of not have financial resources or sufficient holidays. A panorama of great uncertainty, therefore, confirmed by the fact that only 36% of the respondents who intend to leave declares to have already booked the holiday to be done by September, an incredibly low percentage at this time of year.

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However, they are holidays dedicated to the sea, food and wine, wellness and green itineraries. But it continues relentlessly the crisis of the cities of art. 93% of respondents, 16% more than last year, will take a holiday in Italy. Preferred destinations Puglia, Tuscany and Sicily. Cities and places of art, usually at the top of preferences, languish in fourth place among the preferences of the interviewees, mentioned by 15% against 22% last year. For the 7% who instead opt for foreign destinations, the choice can only narrow down to the European panorama where in Greece, France and Spain, already in vogue last year, Austria is added as a new entry, replacing England, normally present among the top destinations of the pre-Covid era.

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