Holiday bonus and bicycle bonus: how to get them with Spid and App


MILAN – Holiday bonus, bicycle bonus, superbonus for construction works. The package of the various measures that should support families and give a breath to the economy after Covid strengthened with July. The request methods are different and in some cases, despite the operation of the subsidies, the platforms or instructions to access them are still missing.According to Confesercenti calculations, the beginning of July is worth 11.5 billion euros of tax incentives and discounts: “A real tax slide that could facilitate the recovery of the economy, but whose final success will depend, in good part, from the simplicity of access and the effective adhesion by citizens and businesses, “says the association.

Down the roof to cash, there is a discount on the Pos. Bonus for holidays and housework: the news of July

Wedge cut and superbonus for housework

The most relevant measure, from a resource point of view, is the cutting the tax wedge for employees, which absorbs and extends the so-called Renzi Bonus for an impact of over 7 billion and 16 million workers involved, with income of up to 40 thousand euros. In this case, the changeover is automatic and the workers are not affected by any paperwork: the employers, as tax substitutes, update the pay slips to the new ones. About 10 million current recipients of the 80 euro bonus will see it increase to 100 net euro and 2 million taxpayers above the old threshold of 24,600 euro and up to 28,000 euro of total annual gross income will increase in envelopes up to 100 euro. Then another two million workers with income from 28,000 to 35,000 euros will see their “heavier” envelope for an amount between 99 and 80 net euros (which will gradually decrease to zero at the income of 40,000 euros), in this case however in the form of a deduction.
About 2.3 billion euros per year, however, is the expected cost of the superbonus 110% for renovations, energy efficiency, seismic safety and photovoltaic systems. For these interventions, the implementation part is still in preparation, with instructions for the Revenue. The energy certifications of the buildings will be necessary to testify to the improvement of the energy class, payments will be needed through the bank transfers dedicated to the renovations, the use of the Enea portal as already happened for traditional bonuses. The building will have to improve by at least two classes (or land on the upper one, if the double jump is impossible), and to prove it the pre and post intervention Ape will be needed. Furthermore, in the case of a thermal coat, it is necessary to use insulating materials that comply with minimum requirements by decree. We also need to certify the projects: by qualified technicians, who will also send a copy to Enea. Much, therefore, is still to be defined as well as on the technicality of being able to sell the tax credit into which the tax deduction can be converted.

Dl Relaunch, invoice discount or tax credit transfer also for “old” building works

The rules on the other hand are still being discussed with the dl Relaunch in conversion. Among the latest innovations, for example, the 110% deduction is also applied to multi-family buildings “functionally independent” and which have “one or more independent accesses from the outside” (terraced houses). However, a cut in the spending ceilings for individual interventions would enter, with the drop, for example, from 60 thousand to 40 thousand euro per single unit in the condominiums that remake the thermal coat. Furthermore, we are moving towards extending the eco-bonus for demolition and reconstruction works. The extension to 30 June 2022 for public residential buildings only has been confirmed.

The Io App for the holiday bonus: here’s how to download it

Bonus Holidays, the step-by-step guide. And the first social troubles

Calculate again the Confesercenti that the holiday bonus it is worth about 2.6 billion euros until December. In this case, access is completely digital. And for the association it is a mistake: “Making it accessible only via the app was a mistake, especially for the older sections of the population. Furthermore, the ways to allow companies to sell the bonus received are still unclear. to third parties, and the amount of the concession is still too low: 500 euros is not enough “. This is the maximum amount, for a family of three, but it drops to 300 euros for a group of two people and 150 euros for singles.

Bonus holidays, race to the Isee to take advantage of it. It does not apply to houses, even from agencies. Questions and answers

As for the access method, you need to install the IO app, that of public services, from the stores and access with your own SPID digital identity or, alternatively, with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE 3.0). If the user is at the first registration, he must set a Pin or biometric recognition (fingerprint or face recognition). The bonus can be found in the “payments” section of the App, under “add a new bonus / discount”.In order for the bonus to be usable, the family must have an Isee income within the threshold of 40 thousand euros and a related Dsu declaration to INPS that is still valid. In the test carried out this morning by Republic, until the verification of the ISEE, the process went ahead, then a message appeared informing us of the need for more time to verify the ISEE by the INPS and therefore the request for the bonus was suspended. Within a few hours, in fact, the verification went through with the recognition of the absence of a valid Isee. There is no shortage of malfunction reports from some users on social networks, who complain that the application stops the request for the bonus due to the exhaustion of the time available to complete the application, when in reality there would be 24 hours from the verification of the Isee requirement.

Once the OK has arrived, for those who have a valid Dsu and within the expected limit, the Bonus attributed to the family unit takes the form of a unique code, which is associated with a QR code (readable directly from the phone screen). Just give the code to the hotelier, with the tax code at the time of payment, to get the discount. This, it should be remembered, is twofold: 80% of the value is discounted directly from the account by the hotelier, who recovers it as a tax credit. For 20%, however, Irpef is deducted with the tax return. The figure updated at 4pm by the government’s innovation department spoke of over 110,000 bonuses for 50 million in value.

The minister: 110 thousand requests in a few hours

“It is really important that after a little more than half a day 110 thousand households have already requested and obtained the Holiday Bonus. It is a sign that this measure is meeting the problems of lower-middle-income families who will be helped with the Bonus to take a few days off. At the same time, it is a measure that introduces more than two billion euros of liquidity in the hotel and accommodation sector which is experiencing a very severe crisis “. So did Minister Dario Franceschini (Culture and Tourism), about the Holiday Bonus. Regarding some controversies raised by the world of hoteliers, Franceschini says that “there are many other measures envisaged in favor of hotels and accommodation facilities. This – he said referring to the Bonus – is the fastest way to bring liquidity to a sector that is going through a very big crisis, which however will be overcome because international tourism will return to Italy “

Bonus Baby sitter / summer centers from the INPS portal

The babysitting / summer centers bonus will commit resources of 1.5 billion euros between now and July, Confesercenti continues. The baby sitter voucher, linked to the presence of minors up to 12 years, is requested by families through the INPS portal, as an alternative to the use of special parental leave for Covid which provides for the payment of 50% of the salary. With the relaunch decree, the bonus for paying those who care for children was joined by the bonus for “proven registration” to summer centres and supplementary services for children for the period from the closure of school education services to 31 July 2020.

The measures provide that the baby-sitting bonus can be used for services starting from March 5, the day from which the schools were closed, and the summer centers bonus for the period from the closure of school education services to July 31, 2020. By 2020 the request must be made. It is worth 1,200 euros per family, raised to 2,000 for healthcare workers. In the presence of several children under the age of 12, the bonus can also be requested for all children, but in a total amount not exceeding € 1,200 for the family. Including foster parents, while the 12-year limit does not apply to children with serious disabilities.

The INPS details the method of use: the baby-sitting bonus is paid by the INPS through the Family Booklet. The beneficiaries of the bonus (parents and babysitter) must register on the INPS website, in the appropriate section dedicated to Occasional Services> Family Booklet, respectively: as users Family Booklet; like providers of baby-sitting services.

Once the go-ahead for the application (in addition to online, it can be submitted to the Contact center at 803 164 (free of charge from the fixed network) or 06 164 164 from the mobile network; or to the patronage) the beneficiary parent must carry out the so-called “appropriation” of the bonus through the Family Booklet by deadline of 15 calendar days from the receipt of the notification of acceptance of the application. Baby-sitting work performed from 5 March 2020, for the entire period of closure of school education services and reported in the appropriate procedure by 31 December 2020, may be remunerated through the Family Booklet.

Bonus babysitting, free for grandparents as long as they do not live together. Here are the rules for requesting it

The bonus for summer camps is granted by crediting a bank or postal account, crediting a postal passbook, prepaid card with IBAN or bank transfer domiciled at the post offices, according to the choice indicated by the applicant at the time of application.

Bicycle bonus, still awaiting the Mit-Ambiente agreement on receipt or invoice

The mobility bonus required by the relaunch decree supports the purchase of bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, segways or shared mobility services (cars excluded) up to 60% of the expenditure, within a limit of 500 euros. It covers purchases from 4 May onwards, but the inter-ministerial implementation decree that will launch the web application to access it has not yet been issued.

The bog has arrived – the Ministry of the Environment has made it known – despite the fact that the text is ready: the question relating to the document to prove the expense remains to be filed with the Ministry of Transport. At present the invoice is needed, an agreement could be found with the MIT to make the “speaking” receipt sufficient. The goal, it is guaranteed, is the operation by the end of July of the web application to obtain the discount.

For those who have already made the expenses, a refund of 60% will arrive. For those who will shop for soft mobility after the application has started, the operator will apply the discount on the invoice upon presentation of the voucher generated in electronic format. Given the assault on sector stores, the initial 120 million resources have been replenished with 70 million from the Ministry of the Environment and another twenty should bring the total – to avoid the click day and leave disappointed on the field – over 200 million resources .

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