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The beneficiaries of the Basic income they snub work in the fields. But it is not that agricultural companies are looking forward to welcoming them. So far only a handful of subsidiaries, a few hundred out of about 2.5 million eligible for the bonus, have applied for and obtained work in the agricultural sector, taking advantage of the government’s possibility for recipients of the check with the Relaunch decree. A year and a half after the launch of the support, which in addition to tackling poverty was supposed to serve in the professional world to insert subsidiaries deemed to be activatable, about a million beneficiaries of the citizenship income considered employable have yet to find a job, so the opportunity was provided for in the anti-Covid decree for earners to work in the agricultural sector, struggling with the shortage of foreign labor due to the coronavirus, without thereby losing the right to the benefit. Objective: to take two birds with one stone. But something is not working in the right direction.

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The relaunch decree allows those who take the citizenship income to work in the fields, for a maximum of two months and provided that the overall income does not exceed two thousand euros, without losing the right to help or suffering a reduction in the amount paid by the State. The agricultural sector churns out one million jobs a year.
Of these, however, only a few dozen has been occupied for now by the recipients of the Cinquestelle subsidy, the largest associations in the sector guarantee, from Coldiretti to Confagricoltura. But are the card holders out of laziness not coming forward or does the reason for the failure of the novelty depend on the fact that the companies in the sector discard them?
Citizenship income recipients willing to work in the fields to increase their income at this stage mainly turn to anti-corporal digital platforms of industry associations, which bring together supply and demand for work in the fields, simultaneously turning to farms in search of labor and to the unemployed, and to that of the Nepal, Resto in campo, which however is still warming up its engines.
The numbers are merciless. The Confagricoltura platform, Agrijob, has collected around 35 thousand curricula, of which less than a thousand have been uploaded by the holders of the citizenship income card.

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“We count 5,000 hires to date, but the subsidiaries who have found work in the fields with us do not reach 100,” the association said. Coldiretti, with its Job in Country platform, has forfeited 15 thousand curricula, only 250 from the beneficiaries of the citizenship income: “About 70 benefit recipients who obtained a contract in the fields through Job in Country”. The platform of the Italian Farmers Confederation, Working with Italian farmers, has totaled 5 thousand job requests, of which about fifty from the support recipients.
The Resto in campo app, made in Anpal, has been operating for a short time and the numbers registered so far by the platform are still too low to make a difference. Although it must be said that in some regions something has moved, as in Puglia, where some hundreds of beneficiaries have been contacted by navigators to participate in the selections of the RossoGargano company which is currently recruiting manpower for the tomato harvest.
¬ęThe problem is not only that the beneficiaries of the citizenship income are not attracted to work in the fields. The companies in the sector are looking for skilled labor and very often the recipients of the subsidy do not have the necessary skills to find work in this sector “, Confagricoltura’s Director of Labor Policies area explained to Messaggero.

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About one million citizens of the income of citizenship required to sign a pact for work, just under half of the total of subsidies reached by the measure dear to the pentastellate. Almost fifteen thousand subsidiaries have so far obtained a permanent contract, a drop in the sea. On the other hand, the workhorse of the Cinquestelle has already cost about 7 billion euros, among the disbursements to the beneficiaries, the strengthening of the employment centers and the salaries of the navigators.

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