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Traffic on a stretch of highway in Liguria (Ansa)
Rome, 3 July 2020 – No toll on 150 kilometers of highway in Liguria. The decided itreels (Autostrade per l’Italia) in agreement with the Ministry of Transport and the Region to meet the “significant inconvenience” generated by the concentration of inspections and maintenance of tunnels to comply with the provisions of the MIT.

This is a further extension of the tariff exemptions compared to those already in existence since 2 June. In addition to the gratuities already active for local traffic on the Ligurian network, from Saturday 4th July full exemption will enter into force sections of the A12 and A7 from Lavagna to Genova Ovest to Vignole Borbera, dell ‘A10 from Varazze to Genoa Airport and the stretch of theA26 from Ovada to the connection with the A10. The concessions will be valid for all vehicles, regardless of origin, that travel in both directions. The concessions “will remain in force as long as conditions of significant discomfort remain on the Ligurian network due to the ministerial prescriptions which Aspi must comply with”.

The decision comes at the end of yet another day of suffering and traffic. The entire Genoa’s road network went haywire with kilometers of queues due to the unexpected extension of the closure of the section of the A10 between the connection with the A26 and Arenzano, towards Savona, to complete the inspections in the Borgonovo tunnel. There were 20 kilometers of queue in the city from Sampierdarena to Arenzano, with the Guido Rossa, the main road for transport to the port, also blocked. On the A10 there were 12 kilometers of tail between the junction A26 and Arenzano. Another 6 km of tail between Masone and the A26 / A10 Genova-Ventimiglia junction. Then the situation slowly improved with the reopening of the section between A10 and A26.

The governor Giovanni Toti and the councilor for health Sonia Viale have written to Aspi on the critical issues of medical assistance related to the difficulties in motorway transport, saying that they are ready to present a complaint to the public prosecutor. Aspi, for its part, recalled that in May 100% of the tunnels in Italy had been checked, “95% in Liguria. At the end of the month the provisions of the MIT arrived: to comply with them we had to open a huge number of construction sites” . The MIT has in fact established that by 10 July two lanes must be open on all routes. Aspi also announced the arrival of seven horrible days: “To meet the deadline of 10 July in the next seven nights several closings will be concentrated of stretches close to the Genoese knot “.

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