Highways in Liguria in chaos, no tolls over 150 kilometers


Following the new “black stamp” weekend that promises to be on the highways of Liguria, Autostrade per l’Italia has decided to exempt tolls on some sections for a total of about 150 kilometers. The company itself reported on it. The measure will take effect from tomorrow morning. The sections between Lavagna and Genova Ovest, Varazze-Genova Aeroporto and Ovada-Genova are affected. “Autostrade per l’Italia – communicates the company -, given the significant inconvenience on the Ligurian sections generated by the concentration of tunnel inspection and maintenance activities – necessary to comply with the MIT requirements at the end of May – has established a further extension of tariff exemptions compared to those already in place since 2 June. In addition to the gratuities already active for local traffic on the Ligurian network, other concessions will also come into force on Saturday 4 July, valid for all vehicles, regardless of origin, which travel certain sections in both directions ».

Aspi’s decision came at the height of another day in which the yards have long crippled the circulation around the node of Genoa: queues that have reached 10 kilometers were formed in the area of ​​Arenzano and in other areas around the capital mainly due to the delayed closure of a construction site (scheduled for 6 in the morning but only at 10 o’clock. Given the protracted inconvenience, the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti threatened to present a complaint to the prosecutor, worried about the repercussions that the construction sites have on medical aid. The ambulances, in fact, risk every time of remain bottled in traffic. “The high number of construction sites open simultaneously on the motorway network, together with the closure of some toll booths, in addition to causing long-lasting blockages on the network itself, have had serious consequences on urban and suburban roads, generating long queues that have compromised the efficiency and effectiveness of both the emergency services itaria, both those dedicated to ordinary transport (such as dialysis patients) “the President of the Region and the vice-president and health assessor Sonia Viale write today in a letter to Autostrade per l’Italia.

July 3, 2020 (change July 3, 2020 | 19:27)


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