Highways: Conte, Benetton make fun, so revocation – Politics


“The Benettons have not yet understood that this government will not accept to sacrifice the public good on the altar of their private interests“Thus Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, in an interview with the press.

And on the daily fact he reiterates: “Aspi’s claim to perpetuate the favor regime in the event of new breaches of concession obligations is equally unacceptable”, “the Benettons do not make fun of the Prime Minister, but the families of the victims of the Morandi bridge and all the Italians“.

THE POINT – On the motorway dossier, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will bring a proposal to the Council of Ministers only if “indispensable”. But each ruling party gives this adjective a different meaning. The Pd believes that the company’s proposal satisfies most of the requests posed by the executive and therefore lays good foundations. The M5s presents itself at the table with a very rigid position: “Revoke or leave the Benettons”. While Italia viva considers the debate on the entry of the state into Aspi “surreal”. Differences that make Gianni Mion, president of Edizione, the Benetton holding company, say that the “proposal is serious” but “there is no optimism” on an agreement. But mediation, multiple sources of government assure, is still possible: we are working on an agreement that has a capital increase downstream that reduces as much as possible (some say even from 88% to 5%) the presence of Atlantia in Aspi, so that we can say that the Benettons are, in essence, “out of Aspi”. From Palazzo Chigi and from the ministries of Transport and Economy, which are evaluating the proposal that came from the company on Saturday, nothing transpires. Conte could convene a government summit in the next few hours, before meeting the Council of Ministers. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, although not yet convened. And, even if there are those who do not rule out a slip on Wednesday or Thursday, the will to close is there. If it were decided to withdraw the concession, a law would be needed to be put to the vote in Parliament. But even in these hours, the government is thinking about the hypothesis of a two-phase agreement: the green light to the company’s proposal and then the capital increase which, “without giving money to the Benettons”, would reduce the presence of Aspi. Persons interested in entering, ensure multiple sources, there would be several, from Cdp to Poste Vita up to funds such as Macquarie. But the transition is very delicate.


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