Hi Darwin ‘The black woman is drowning’: accusations against Paolo Bonolis


Hi Darwin ends in the storm: the accusation of racism comes from the other side of the world, from the United States of America

Hi Darwin ends up in the middle of the media storm. The television broadcast is iconic in our country and always attracts millions of Mediaset viewers.

In the past, Paolo Bonolis had found himself having to provide explanations relating to inequalities, which, according to some, the Canale 5 program would do nothing but feed.

The charge of racism

“Hi Darwin it’s a racist program or, at least, that’s what claims David Adler, an American economist from Los Angeles, coordinator of the political proposals of the transnational and pan-European movement DIEM25.

The man published a post on Twitter, in which he accuses the Italian transmission of inhuman attitudes:

“I turned on Italian television to find Berlusconi’s Mediaset. Canale 5 was broadcasting a show called Ciao Darwin, where the Italians applaud a black foreigner drowned in a container of water for the wrong answers to trivial questions. All this under the eyes of two men and a dumb woman in a bikini. “

This is the analysis of man, who wanted to highlight the racism on which he believes the program is based.

Hi Darwin

Salvati’s reply

Adler’s tweet immediately went viral and went all the way to Italy. Many responses from users, including Italians, who supported or counteracted man’s theory.

Even Marco Salvati, historical author of the program, replied to Adler’s post, but he did it in a completely ironic way:

“Hi, I’m an author of the program. I’m sorry that you lost the best part when we kill all the competitors who lost, without distinction between whites and blacks. Children like it at home. “

The reply from the original author of the post has not yet arrived, but many are predicting the outbreak of one social war.

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