Heroes, missions and progress Marvel’s The Avengers


Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released new details for the upcoming beta of Marvel’s Avengers, including what type of missions there are and what characters will be available.

This beta will take place in August and has four heroes: Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel. All of which can be played in co-op parts of the beta, but you’ll also get a taste of Thor and Captain America as soon as the beta opens with the prologue mission on the Golden Gate Bridge we saw at E3 and Gamescom in 2019 .

Each character has three skill-tree pages, but only one of them can be used in the beta. This gives you the opportunity to shape the character down your play style by personalizing his skills.

After the 25 minute prologue, you will have access to the War Table and will be able to play two single player missions. Hulk and Ms. Marvel first travels to the Pacific Northwest to track down the Olympia Archive and JARVIS while the second mission takes them to Russia to “ uncover SHIELD secrets hidden deep underground. ” One of those missions includes a bossfight with Abomination.

After players finish the single-player content, the beta opens and players can do other activities in co-op (or only with AI). There are three types of missions: HARM Rooms, Warzones and Dropzones. Depending on the activity, they can last from ten minutes to two hours.

HARM Rooms are training rooms that resemble the danger rooms of X-Men and offer you waves of enemies to defeat. Completing all three will give you a special nameplate for use throughout the game.

Warzones are the dungeons in Marvel’s Avengers, and there are five to play in the beta. The locations and objectives were not revealed during the War Table stream, but we know there are human and robot enemies. Warzone also includes bunkers with loot and comics and players have to solve puzzles to get in. Finally, the beta has an unconfirmed number of short missions called Drop Zones.

The stream also revealed that Hawkeye will be added to the game post-launch and that the beta will bring you rewards in Fortnite.


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