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Other than a meter away: last weekend the beaches Italians were so crowded that not even a grain of sand was found free. Quotas revenue? But when ever, there is a green light for everyone and the temperature at the factory entrance is almost never controlled. And to say that the rules (in theory) still exist but nobody – or almost – no longer respects them. Seeing is believing.
From Fregene in Ostia, from Sabaudia to Capalbio, it’s still from Naples to Versilia summer is completely without rules. Overflowing parking lots, crowds of aperitifs, crowds in bars, queues in the main connecting roads: this is the real photograph of the beaches in the first summer in the time of the Coronavirus. How is it possible? The managers of the plants could be fined and so the restaurateurs (with penalties of up to 300 euros) but there are very few checks.

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Crowded beaches and gatherings, more fines and checks. WHO: the worst is yet to come

Coronavirus, aperitif crowd in Sabaudia: everyone on the beach without distance (and mask)

So we want to refresh your memory remember that the safety rules imposed by the government for phase 3 are still valid. Even if it does not look so.

gatherings In factories rThere is no absolute ban on creating gatherings. The distance of one meter between people must always be respected. Strange because watching the social images of aperitifs at sunset and files for the spritz seemed to be on the bus at rush hour. In Bibione, the main tourist resort of Portogruarese, one of the most popular summer destinations on the Venetian coast, a full house so they were used to seeing it only in full season in August.

A meter away. Among the umbrellas there is still the obligation of the distance of at least one meter. But it goes? In Ostia on the weekend of San Pietro and Paolo there were so many people on the shore that there was not even space to put their umbrellas. And what about the aperitif from Saporetti to Sabaudia? Queues at the bar and no spacing.

The play areas In the bathing establishments, individual sports (for example swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) can be practiced regularly in compliance with interpersonal distancing measures. Team sports (e.g. beach volleyball, beach soccer) and children’s play areas are still banned. But here too many factories do as they please. In the famous Ultima Spiaggia di Capalbio, for example, slides and swings are normally open and assaulted by dozens of children.

Quoted access and measurement of fever Tell the truth: have you ever been rejected by some beach because there was no place? How many have measured the temperature at the entrance? In Fregene, out of 10 plants examined, no one has ever used the thermometer at the entrance. We break a spear for Santa Marinella where yesterday, however, one of the scanners that since last Saturday have been supplied to all the stewards hired by the municipality of the municipality has surprised a wet with 38.5 of fever.

Masks If until a few weeks ago they were a must-have accessory for the summer, worn on the wrist or under the chin, now the mask has gone out of fashion. Someone tries to wear it but then with the heat it disappears. And to say that the obligation to wear the mask remains indoors but also in all those situations where the distance of one meter cannot be respected.

Yet the alarm for the reckless and short-sighted attitudes that are being seen in recent weeks is also launched by the WHO: “Six months have passed since we received the first reports relating to a series of pneumonia cases of unknown cause in China . We all want it to end, but the hard truth is that it’s far from over. ” But in Italy there are those who make merchant ears.

Restaurants In theory they should buffets that encourage gatherings and, with shared cutlery, are an excellent way to spread the infection. Too bad that in many establishments the diner service remains. And what about the menus, they had to be digital to download to your mobile phone or easily disinfectable, instead in many places the classic paper menu remained passed from table to table.

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