“Here was a neglected courtyard”


“A month ago there was a neglected courtyard here.” There are only a few hours left before the Arena San Domenico, which from July 1st until September 19th will host a large calendar of shows ranging from the staging of dialectal comedies, from musical performances of various kinds, from jazz to classical music, to the presentation of books and music-cultural events. On Tuesday evening the Councilor for Culture, Valerio Melandri, carried out an inspection with his team to check the status of the installations. The stalls were completed with elegance. There are almost two hundred seats.

The Arena will be held as the first of “Forlì Musica”, a festival divided into seven events. At 9.30 pm appointment with a concert in absolute national premiere (a co-production between Arte Sella and ForlìMusica) entitled “Bach, Queneau, Exercises and Variations”, in which the Goldberg Variations of JS Bach and the Literary Exercises of R. Queneau. The appointment will feature Alessandro Quarta, Danilo Rossi, Mario Brunello and Alessio Boni. The entrance will be paid. The ticket offices – which will be located at the usual entrance to San Domenico – will operate on show evenings. Where possible, it is good to give priority to online shopping. The Companies will provide all the information on the tickets for the shows they stage (here for details http://www.comune.forli.fc.it/servizi/menu/dinamica.aspx?idArea=285576&idCat=285576&ID=285576).

There are promotions for those who buy tickets; thanks to the offer made with the Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì Foundation it is possible to visit the San Domenico Museums and the Civic Museums – Forlì (Civic Collection and Pinacoteca in San Domenico, Verzocchi Collection and other works at Palazzo Romagnoli) and the Ulysses exhibition at lower cost. The visit is possible from 5pm until closing which will exceptionally take place at 10.30pm or Friday and Saturday at 11pm (the ticket office closes an hour earlier and Monday is a day of rest). These are the discounted prices: 3 euros instead of 5 for the visit to the Civic Collections of Palazzo Romagnoli and San Domenico; 13 euros instead of 15 for the Civic Collections together with the exhibition “Ulysses. Art and myth” thanks to the Foundation.

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Reservations are not mandatory for entrances, “but always preferable, especially when admission is free,” explains Melandri. A clarification on the use of the mask: it will be worn only to reach the place and to go out. “The appointments take place outdoors, under the stars – recalls the councilor -. Once seated you can enjoy the show”.

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