HERE Mobility activity in Israel closes: 200 employees will be laid off


The smart transportation division HERE mobility announced today (Thursday) its closure. After most of the division’s employees were expelled from the corona crisis, now all 200 employees employed in the division are being sent home permanently. Hir Mobility belongs to the mapping company HERE Technologies, which was acquired from Nokia by the German car companies Daimler, BMW and Audi. Intel, Bush and Continental.

The division, which at its peak employed 260 employees, developed an app that creates a kind of social network that focuses on sharing trips between acquaintances, and accompanies the participants at all stages from the moment of planning until reaching the destination.

In announcing the closure, the division said that “following the impact of the Corona crisis on Hir’s revenues, a board decision has been made to reduce costs and focus on the division’s core business. As part of this decision we are forced to announce the closure of Hir Mobility’s operations today.”

In an interview with “Globes” about a year and a half ago, the director of the division said that “the app coordinates all the additional transportation options to reach the meeting point. It has information on public transportation in 300 cities around the world, including Israeli cities, and it also operates Marketplace.” Which maps all transportation options including taxi ranks, car rental companies, bicycle sharing and more. ”

In the same interview, Yitzhak explained that the Israeli division includes “our own marketing, sales, legal and finance team. The activity center in Israel was built from scratch, when we started we were 26 people with a presentation, and a vision to build a competitive mobile market and streamline transportation. “We are the largest in Israel involved in mobility. We are proud to be part of the creation of the smart mobility industry in Israel, which is growing at a rapid pace. In the past, when the focus was on the automotive industry, Israel did not touch the world of transportation at all.”

“Mobility was established three years ago with a vision to connect the world of transportation in order to create an open and free transportation market. Over the past three years, the Mobility team has made impressive achievements in both the technology and business aspects. Nearly a thousand companies have shared the vision with us and connected Our team worked hard to fulfill the vision and we greatly appreciate and thank them for their hard work. Unfortunately, as a result of the crisis we can no longer hold this activity and part with it with great sorrow. The division management is committed to caring for the division employees and will make every effort to help them Find their next job. “


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