“Here is what lies behind the false accounts of the INPS: a harder Fornero bis arrives”


There are too many pensions “fake news“, perhaps “to hide the tips they gave under Covid and not to face the real problems of retirement“. Alberto Brambilla, President of the Study and Research Center for Social Security Routes with long experience in the Ministry of Labour – where he also held the position of undersecretary – goes down there heavily and, in an interview with The truth, takes a position on the data that have been circulated in the last few days on the number of pensioners in Italy and on the balance of social security expenses.

It starts from the numbers provided by Cgia of Mestre, according to which the number of retirees in Italy would have exceeded that of workers during the Covid-19 period, but this would be a given “misleading. Pensioners are far fewer than workers, if anything, it is the social security benefits that are more, but because in Italy more than one pension is often received“So why not the government has not denied these data especially at a time when from Europe – due to groups of the” frugal “led by Holland – strong pressure comes to blow up 100 and change our pension system? the president of the study center the answer is simple: “They have not denied the figures on pensioners – explains Brambilla a The truthbecause they don’t want to clarify that this government is throwing billions into billions in the most unproductive welfare. Spending on pensions has almost nothing to do with it, but Minister Nunzia Catalfo is silent and not reassuring Europe, while the Democratic Party pushes to cancel all traces of the measures of the Gialloblù government, even if to say the true quota 100 is not technically impeccable“.

For the former Undersecretary for Welfare, “clarify what is social security expenditure and what welfare expenditure“: “To say that retirees have outlived active workers is fake news. Employees were 23.5 million in 2019 against 16 million and 200,000 pensioners. It is true that due to the effect of Covid, the employees have gone down a bit and due to the quota of 100 the retirees have increased a bit, but we are 22 million and 400,000 workers against 16 million and 400,000 retirees. And in any case, those who have left work with a quota of 100 with an advance of two years will not weigh on the next statistics“.

According to Brambilla “The ratio between assets and pensioners has deteriorated somewhat from 1.44 to 1.36, but from there to say that there has been overtaking“. “Pension expenditure in Italy – continues the expert on social security – it isestimated at 297 billion, but everything is in there. The real expenditure on pensions is 207 billion, of which the state recovers 50 billion in the form of taxes. So the pensions are equal to 155 billion, not 300“.

The difference, therefore, would be related to “too many forms of welfare“, but in the end they only take it out on pensioners even if”spending on pensions is € 150 billion and is sustainable“. Improvements could be made by introducing the superbonus wanted by the then Minister Maroni, which”It saves and increases productivity. But you can’t even penalize those who want to leave. Instead it seems to me – concludes Brambilla – that one is coming Fornero bis even harder“.

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