Here is the Buy American made in Biden plan


What Biden plans to do to straighten out the economic damage caused by the pandemic according to the Wall Street Journal

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected Thursday to outline a plan that according to his election campaign is aimed at reviving the US economy with an America-centered approach to job creation and production, launching a direct challenge to the Trump while competing for working-class voters, less than four months after the presidential election – writes the WSJ.

Biden is ready to unveil his program during the electoral campaign in Dunmore, where the likely Democratic presidential candidate will visit a metallurgical plant before making his economic speech to an American public still suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to make several stops on the campaign in eastern Pennsylvania on the same day.

Biden’s campaign previewed his comments in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. The campaign said its proposals were designed to reduce America’s dependence on foreigners after the pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in the United States and other countries, relying on foreign manufacturers such as China for supplies and equipment. of critical medical importance.

Biden has repeatedly criticized Trump’s response to the pandemic as a failure, accusing his opponent of “doing almost nothing”, given that the death toll in the United States has exceeded 130,000. According to his coronavirus response plan, Biden allegedly sought to increase U.S. production of personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals and other medical devices, drawing on a movement that quickly gained bipartisan support in Congress. Hospitals across the country reported a shortage of supplies while struggling with coronavirus.

Biden is expected to come up with a plan that will aggressively increase “Buy American” provisions to cover US government spending which, according to its platform, would represent a larger portion of the US economy. The Buy American initiative would require that part of the federal funds be set aside for domestic producers. These provisions can be the source of international trade tensions, which often provoke complaints from other countries that clash with the rules of global trade aimed at guaranteeing fair access to markets for companies all over the world.
Biden’s speech, said an election campaign consultant, will serve to communicate to American trade partners that, even if Trump loses in November, the allies must not expect Washington to return to embrace the economic globalization that defined the administration’s policies. Obama-Biden and two decades of Republican and Democratic presidents who preceded it.

A senior adviser to the Biden campaign said on Wednesday that, in implementing these policies, the vice president “will not ignore the rules of the World Trade Organization.” But he said those rules are out of date and added that Germany and France – two countries that have tried to defend the global trading system against Trump’s criticisms – have rushed to limit their dependence on imports for essential medical supplies.

The adviser also said that Biden does not want to give priority to entering into new free trade agreements or to relaunching the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership that President Obama negotiated at the end of his term and from which Trump pulled himself out. beginning of his.

Biden will not consider “entering into new trade agreements before work is done at home to invest in American job creation,” said the councilor. The plan indicates that Biden will continue the government’s stimulus policy approved to deal with the economic damage of the pandemic. Prior to this week, Biden had proposed about $ 6.7 trillion in new expenses for the next 10 years, according to Cornerstone Macro, an investment research firm, about three times what Hillary Clinton had proposed in 2016. Thursday, according to a senior consultant will add $ 700 billion in spending.

Meanwhile, Pence will embark on a bus tour from Lancaster to Philadelphia, where he will meet with police officers in their union room in the wake of national protests for racism and police brutality. It will also hold a round table on the reopening of the economy.

In 2016, Trump became the first Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania presidency since 1988. But recent polls show that the president is chasing Biden both in the state and nationally. A RealClearPolitics average of recent polls shows that Biden has an advantage of about 6.5 points over Trump in Pennsylvania.

“If I am able to beat Donald Trump in 2020, it will happen here,” he said.

(Taken from the foreign press review of Eprcomunicazione)


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