“Here are the two faults of Giuseppe Conte” – Libero Quotidiano


An “uncomfortable” governor for this government, because it is too popular and perhaps too good. We talk about Luca Zaiaended up in the crosshairs for outbreaks in Veneto, in particular that in the Vicenza area originating from the manager’s business trip to Serbia who then refused treatment. In short, something against which the Doge could do nothing. But anyway, the criticisms have rained, all right. And so, Zaia goes on the counterattack in an interview with The print, in which he begins by stressing that “in addition to the virus there is a legislative vulnus. Those who run away from quarantine or refuse hospitalization no longer pay, or not enough”. So, according to Zaia, it is also the fault of the government for what happened.

So we move on to “jail or Tso”, Zaia’s demands against those who defraud. Don’t you think you’re exaggerating? “No – he replies -. After the last decree, those who run from quarantine no longer commit a crime. Since we are not all disciplined as Japanese and a certain conspiracy and denial air hovering over Covid, I ask that the government is moving. Of the two, one: either trust isolation is a walk or we are serious and then we have to make strong choices “. Giuseppe Conte is he wrong? “Yes. But it is a mistake that can be easily remedied. And, while there is, the Government should also solve another problem”. That? “The entrepreneur from Vicenza – Zaia remarks – was returning from a business trip to Serbia. The rules for those returning from abroad must be clarified. Those who travel for work cannot remain in uncertainty”.

In short, the attack on Conte and the government is in the round. Another interesting passage, however, is that relating to the response given by the governor when they tell him that with his declarations he gave “the impression that Veneto is in emergency again”. Zaia’s reply is dry: “There are those who threw petrol on the fire. Write it, please: in Veneto the wave of contagions has not restarted and the situation is under control. There are currently 24 focal: there were 135 at the beginning of June. And the latest cases, such as the one in the Vicenza area, are imported “, concludes the governor.

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