Heistse Pijl: “Extreme measures taken, but final decision lies with local government” | Cycling


The second corona wave threatens again to throw a spanner in the works of the Heistse Pijl. But the organization does believe in it. “We are positive at the moment. We are not yet 100 percent sure, because the final decision lies with the local government and the mayor,” says Van den Bosch.

“We have taken extreme measures to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All riders at the start must be tested. The peloton will be 100 percent corona-free, which is essential.”

“The crucial zones, the start and finish zone and also the mountain zone, are closed. There can be no public there. Everyone who is present is registered for contact tracing. On the public road there can be public, but that must comply with all National Security Council regulations, which will also be monitored by police and flight attendants. ”

We have done everything possible and I think it is important for Belgian cycling that this race can continue. If everyone follows the rules and everything goes safely, we will see matches in our country in the coming months. We want to initiate this. ”

Will Van den Bosch be able to complete the picture financially? “That was secondary this year. I really wanted to organize a race so that the riders can exercise their profession again. We have been working with all our partners for a long time and we also want to ensure that continuity.”

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