Heavier paycheck from today, increases up to 100 euros: the news


Heavier paycheck from today, increases up to 100 euros: the news

Goodbye to bonus Renzi, in its place the cutting of the tax wedge. A small, large mouthful of oxygen for 16 million workers. That from today, 1st July, will be able to count on heavier pay slips: the reduction in the tax wedge on employee salaries between 8,174 and 28 thousand euros corresponds to an increase of 100 euros. For other workers, provided that they have an income of less than 40 thousand euros, a tax deduction is foreseen. The measure does not affect the incapacitated, with an income of less than 8,145 euros, the threshold below which the personal income tax disappears. More in detail. For those who already received the Irpef credit of 80 euros, or Renzi bonus, which now ends its life cycle, the cut of the tax wedge will actually translate into a slight increase in paycheck, of 20 euros per month.

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But for workers with incomes between 26 thousand and 28 thousand euros, previously excluded from the audience of beneficiaries of the bonus Renzi, the new enhanced bonus is instead worth 600 euros of extra salary in 2020 alone and 1,200 euros next year, therefore almost two thousand euros in total. On the other hand, for employee income from € 28 thousand, a tax deduction is foreseen, the amount of which is equal to € 600 for income equal to € 28 thousand and decreases up to zero when reaching an equal level of income to 40 thousand euros. The relief is temporary, since it aims at a structural revision of the deduction system, and is valid until December 31 of this year.

Paycheck and tax wedge, € 8 billion allocated

Result: for about 11 million workers the old 80 euros will reach 100. The reduction in the tax wedge has found space in the latest Budget law. To cover 2020, the government has allocated € 3 billion and € 5 billion for 2021. And the installments have also been doubled (from 4 to 8) for any repayments of the new enhanced bonus. Thus the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri: “This is a significant tax cut, of over 7 billion a year when fully operational”. The Cinquestelle meanwhile look to the future tax reform. “The cutting of the tax wedge, effective from July 1 (today, ndc), it will not be the revolution, but it is certainly an important step forward “, explained Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.
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