health system on the brink of collapse in Bolivia


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It is a report to read in the Brazilian weekly Capital Letter. The coronavirus crisis has shown the flaws in the country’s health system. A system that has been neglected for decades, says physician Fernando Patino. While the GDP has grown by 5% in recent years, no investment has been made in the health sector. Bolivia currently has 54,000 cases of contamination and 2,000 deaths. The 42 hospitals that can treat Covid-19 patients have reached the limits of their capacity.

Images showing bodies deposited in the street, covered with tarpaulins, have been around the world. According to the doctor, cases of contamination are increasing in mountainous regions. ” Many people die without being able to meet doctors. Tests are also missing and if a person has been able to do one, they have to wait two to three weeks to get the results ».

Political tensions that complicate the management of the health crisis

According to the director of the Journalism Foundation, Renan Estenssoro, MAS, the socialist party of former president Evo Morales, politicized the pandemic. ” They said the virus was an invention of the transitional government. And they called to demonstrate against this government ” In fact, Evo Morales, since his exile in Argentina, still controls his party base quite well and can quickly mobilize his supporters.

The interim president Jeanine Anez, for her part, after having tested positive for the coronavirus, put herself in quarantine. The question then arises whether the presidential elections will be able to be held as planned on September 6. ” In all if this is not the case, we will not only have to deplore deaths linked to the coronavirus, but also deaths caused by violence in the street “, Warns Renan Estenssoro of the Foundation for Journalism, quoted by Capital Letter.

In Quebec, the deconfinement strategy divides the population

The government decided that bars should remain open, but made it mandatory to wear a mask in enclosed spaces. But just a few hours after the entry into force of this obligation last weekend a ” resistance movement when wearing a mask “Arose, can we read in the newspaper The duty. Already last week, a petition collected in two days nearly 60,000 signatures against the compulsory wearing of a mask.

« Recalcitrants consider that the obligation to wear a mask is an obstacle to their sacrosanct individual freedom, that it is a matter of personal choice », Writes the Quebec newspaper. But according to The duty, they are wrong : ” this obligation is above all to save the life of others. It may appear excessive in certain regions where the virus has not been very prevalent, but it is to forget the interregional trips with the holidays which begin. The message of the Quebec government is the right one “, Estimates the newspaper:” true freedom is the freedom of everyone not to be confined. The price to pay – wearing a mask – is not huge … “Concludes the columnist for Duty.

Republicans take their distance from Donald Trump on coronavirus

As Donald Trump continues to play down the pandemic, some Republicans are concerned that his policies may cost them votes. According to the New York Times, senior party officials are beginning to distance themselves from the strategy defended by Donald Trump.

Some governors reluctant so far to wear the mask have decided to make it compulsory. Others have put in place restrictions on businesses, which is also contrary to the White House chief’s position. Even the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnel, has publicly disowned the instructions given by President Donald Trump, defending the wearing of the mask in the face of increasing cases of contamination in the country, writes the New York Times.

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