Health Minister Edelstein has launched the “Shield 2.0” application


Health Minister Yuli Edelstein last night (Monday) launched the “Shield 2.0” widget – a new and more extended version than has been the case so far and is intended, the minister stated, “to increase cooperation with the public to prevent the spread of the corona epidemic in Israel.” The minister called on the public: “For your health – download the app for your mobiles.” In practice, it should assist in conducting epidemiological investigations.

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The app was developed “to help stop the chain of infection,” the health ministry said. It alerts the user to his possible exposure to a verified corona patient he has encountered and provides him with initial instructions on how to proceed.

The new version has added some advanced technological capabilities to locate and pinpoint the “overlap points” between app users and verified Corona patients (provided their mobile devices are also equipped with the same widget).

The application enables the detection of two types of overlap simultaneously: a geographical location based on GPS technology, which warns of location-based proximity points for Corona patients, and Bluetooth-based location detection, which allows the identification of proximity points between mobile phones on which the application is installed.

With the help of the widget, the Ministry of Health hopes that it will be possible to identify more quickly and securely the route of movement of a verified corona patient – where he was, when and who he met, all in support of the epidemiological investigation process that the Ministry of Health will conduct.

The sharing of information, the Ministry of Health said, will be done with the patient’s consent only. In the first stage, a link will be sent to him through which he can share the information, and only then will the actual sharing of the information take place. Personal information remains confidential. Only the user’s public places of residence, which pose a risk of infecting others, will be made public.

Experts in information security and privacy were involved in the development. “The Ministry of Health does not accept alerts that appear on the users of this application – they are presented to the user only and he has discretion as to what he will do with this information.”

You can download “Shield 2.0” for free in the app store and google play. “The more people join, the more the app will be able to alert and the more protected we will be,” Minister Edelstein stated. “There is great importance to a massive download of the app. Every citizen who uses the widget will help maintain his health, the health of his relatives and the health of the citizens of Israel. It can be said that this is a small step for the citizen, but a big step for the state.”

To download the app for Android devices and iPhone.

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