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What is the importance of private health insurance? And what are the new coverages in medical services? Insurance Agent Udi Katz, CEO of the Jerusalem Insurance Agency ‘Aderet’ and former president of the Chamber of Insurance Agents, answers all the questions that particularly bother us during the Corona period

Posted on: 28.7.20 14:26

By: Dana Yerushalmi (Marketing Content)


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Throughout the year and especially in these days of the Corona crisis, Insurance Agent Udi Katz, CEO of the Jerusalem Insurance Agency and former President of the Chamber of Insurance Agents, helps us further understand the importance of private health insurance and the need for up-to-date and innovative medical coverage. For every age and every pocket.

Udi Katz, CEO of Aderet Insurance Agency (Photo: Yuval Cohen Aharonov)

What is the effect of corona on treatment options and their availability?

“The level of medicine in Israel is one of the best in the world, but in practice the public system is increasingly struggling during this period. We are talking about hospital congestion, long queues for specialists, lengthening tests and a limited basket of medicines, which can not contain all new medicines available in Israel and around the world. “All of this widens the gaps between the very advanced treatment options that exist and their actual availability. What is true of routine days is further intensified in the current era that is characterized by medical uncertainty around the corona and great pressure on the public health system.”

This is where private health insurance comes into the picture?

“Private insurance provides policyholders with fast, comprehensive and advanced health services, at any time, need and interest. Essential health services, which do not depend on the bureaucracy of the health system, the burdens, overcrowding, or budgetary constraints due to government support, which are naturally limited in scope.”

What is the contribution of health insurance during this period?

“The Corona epidemic has brought us a disease we do not know. We do not know what the optimal treatment for the disease is and what its consequences are. In the not-so-simple health crisis, the level of stress naturally rises. Any sneezing, cough, runny nose or other symptom undermines us. “The question marks, lower the level of stress and provide us with quick and available solutions in everything related to the fields of family medicine, pediatrics and specialist medicine.”

What are the treatment ranges with the help of private health insurance?

“I will give an example of this. An insured can meet with a specialist doctor from any field within three business days, and can also be tested in any diagnostic test within two days and get the test deciphered within two days. The insured can also consult with other doctors from home, wherever he lives. “She says that from the moment the insured has a suspicion about a medical problem, he can consult a doctor within seven working days, do a diagnostic test and also get its results to start treating the problem.”

“How much does the insured’s age and financial situation matter?

“Private health insurance addresses the health needs of customers of all ages and statuses – children, adults and the elderly, both individually and in a comprehensive family setting.”

And what about insurance prices?

“Health insurance prices are very flexible today and are tailored to every pocket and every financial capacity.”

“God forbid in the event of death, is there coverage that will ensure the family’s income?

“First of all, we wish you good health, this is the most important thing. Beyond that, and God forbid at the time of death, there is risk coverage in case of death. This is actually a sum of money that the insured family receives so that they can maintain income and standard of living before the disaster. mercury”.

“In conclusion, what is your main message to the citizens of Jerusalem?

“The ‘main health’ statement was re-enacted during the Corona period, illustrating the importance of health security and how much health risk can threaten. So my main message: Think healthily, and make sure you and your families have the broadest and most advanced health coverage available.”

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