“He told me they were just friends.” The pain Francesca, ex of Berruti


In the last hours an indiscretion is circulating on the web persistently and sees the ex-girlfriend of Giulio Berruti, today happily in love with the deputy Maria Elena Boschi. According to rumors, the actor began attending Boschi during his long relationship with Francesca, a 23-year-old actress of Austro-Swiss origin. To clarify one of the most talked about stories of the moment, today, is the ex-girlfriend of Giulio Berruti, Francesca Kirchmair.

A love story that lasted over three years – the one between Giulio and Francesca – made of passion, common interests and even a coexistence in Los Angeles, where the actor is at home for professional reasons. Last February, however, their relationship went into crisis and, thanks to the lockdown that physically dismissed them (he in Italy, she in the United States), the couple decided to take a pause for reflection which then turned into a definitive one. goodbye. “Before the quarantine, Giulio and I were still engaged – Francesca Kirchmair told us – we were also together at the premiere of his film Downhill in New York. But it is also true, as Giulio said in his interview a few months ago (a Come to me) that we had taken a break shortly after New York for various personal reasons. So stay physically separated, I at our home in Los Angeles and he in Italy, during this bad period linked to Covid, changed the dynamics of the situation a little“.

Although their relationship has come to an end, not without problems and misunderstandings, Francesca Kirchmair keeps a good memory of the relationship with Berruti and in Los Angeles she is happy, fresh out of degree and very busy in her career as an actress and model. On the love story between his ex and Maria Elena Boschihowever, he specifies how the situation has been, in the last year, decidedly “strange”: “As for Giulio and me: yes, I am very surprised by the photos that have come out in recent months. Continually seeing the photos that came out of him and Mrs. Boschi was a bit strange for me and they certainly helped to make things between me and Giulio remain strange“. Kirchmair has specified that it wants to remain on the margins of this new one gossip of the summer: “I distanced myself from the situation, also considering that Giulio, when we try to speak, still maintains to this day that they are only friends; as he always did in the past, when I saw him talking to her and asked him. I never even worried since Giulio and I loved each other very much and that the lady is more than 15 years older than me“.

In fact, the first hints of intest between Giulio Berruti and Maria Elena Boschi had been seen a year ago. The couple was pinched by the paparazzi at a party in Milan and immediately began to talk about a possible flirtation between them, when in reality the Roman actor was very close to Kirchmair. Today the 23 year old actress wants to put a point in the past, think about her professional future and, who knows, meet a new love: “It’s all a bit ‘toxic’, I don’t care what might or may not be true or who or what I should believe. I am very well where I am and things are going very well for me here in America“.

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