he skipped the line at the airport. Flying caste, the clash takes off – Time


The caste is seen at the airport. To point the finger at the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina he is the leader of Action, the former minister Carlo Calenda. Witness, in his opinion, of how the anti-caste paladins are actually sensitive to privileges. According to Calenda, in fact, Azzolina was at the airport on Sunday evening and saw Azzolina skip the line and board the plane. “I have been in government for 5 years. Never, never say, did I get on a plane before boarding, skipping files and checking in as I saw Minister Azzolina do tonight. But you know, we of the elites are outdated in behavior “, writes the former minister, unleashing the cheering of Twitter users. And the little denial of Azzolina herself: “What a penalty this comment. I fly in economy, I don’t skip the lines, I don’t skip check-in (you can’t skip it), I get on the plane according to the provisions of the escort: tonight first, last two days “, the minister’s reply.

Okay, finished here? No way. Calenda retorts: “I made the minister, with the escort. Wait with them and go up last. Or queue with them who watch. You preached to half Italy about these things. Allow them to be remembered when you forget them. , as regularly happens, by Ministers “. You fly high.

Calenda humiliates Renzi, takes away all the sponsors

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