“He is only a pupil of the Prof …”. The black “prophecy” about Di Maio


Luigi Di Maio seems to be back in fashion. From the day he resigned as political leader of the M5S, ‘Giggino’ seems to have been reborn so much that the Democratic Party has hinted that he wants to promote him to prime minister.

The frictions between the premier Giuseppe Conte and the Democratic Party are becoming increasingly frequent and, above all, the feeling with the head of the delegation of the dem, the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini seems to have broken. Secretary Nicola Zingaretti, annoyed at the many open files, from the security decrees to the Mes, explicitly used the term “swamp” to describe the critical moment that the Giallorossi executive is experiencing. Di Maio, on the other hand, seems to have achieved a good return of image since the signing of the ‘export pact’.

Di Maio a giant compared to Di Battista

Di Maio survives thanks to the inability of his rivals. “Even if he made mistakes and gaffes, from a demoscopic point of view, he has more potential than Alessandro Di Battista because he has shown leadership and communication. Di Battista remains an unexpressed and romantic figure, whose weight has also diminished within the M5S “, the pollster Alessandro Amadori explains to ilGiornale.it. “He is a young person and, within the Italian political landscape that does not seem to present big news in the near future, he remains a protagonist. For ‘Dibba’, on the other hand, the saying ‘Far from the eyes, far from the heart’ applies, the pollster points out. And, if on the one hand it is not yet clear how and when the General States will take place or if that will be the venue to choose the new leader of the M5S, on the other it is evident that the only one who can stop the OPA launched by the ‘ barricadero ‘Di Battista’.

Di Maio, who has a legislature as vice-president of the Chamber behind him, seems to have acquired a certain culture of government before as vice-premier and holder of the ministry. In 2018 he was able to bring the Movement to 32.6%, a very different result from what he obtained in 2010 as a candidate for the municipal council of Pomigliano d’Arco: 59 poor votes that are enough for him to be elected. From 2013 onwards, on the other hand, he has increased his skills as a strategist which is enhanced during the negotiations for the formation of the first Conte executive. Initially he tried to go up to Palazzo Chigi, then, after having failed the dialogue with the Democratic Party, he compromised with the League, accepting that the premier was Giuseppe Conte and not him. The only stain: the request for impeachment for the Head of State Sergio Mattarella, after the latter’s refusal to appoint Paolo Savona as Minister of Economy. Even the recent scoop of the Hyenas on the “Students of Pomigliano”, that is the schoolmates of the Imbriani high school that Di Maio attended as a young man, has not affected his image. Some of them are now in key ‘under-government’ places such as Dario De Falco, who marched alongside the former political leader of the M5S during the student demonstrations and is now the head of the ministry’s secretariat. Or Carmine America who would have entered Leonardo’s board of directors after having had highly profitable positions both at the Mise and at the Farnesina.

The errors made by the Minister of the Gialloverde government

And it is precisely as a minister that Di Maio makes a series of errors and gaffes not worthy of a man of government. “We have abolished poverty”, he will say triumphantly as owner of Welfaire and Labor after the approval of Basic income which, in hindsight, turned out to be a real flop. Only 2% of the earners actually found a job. In September 2018, however, Di Maio made a mistake again due to an excess of triumphalism: “We solved Ilva in three months, when those of the first in six years had not been able.” Now we all know that reality is another. But other corporate crises left open by Di Maio are also far from finding a positive solution: from Alitalia to Mercatone Uno, passing through the Whirlpool in Naples, Di Maio has left a heavy legacy to his successors.

The silences and cumbersome friendships of the foreign ministry’s owner

And what about foreign policy? On the Regeni case the stalemate with Egypt continues, while on the Libyan front there is still no real solution. Indeed, the help of Turkey was decisive for the release of Silvia Romano, which greatly increased its influence in North Africa. After the revelations of the Spanish newspaper ABC on an alleged bribe that would have come from Caracas to the pockets of the late Gianroberto Casaleggio, the issue of dangerous relations between the M5S and the Maduro regime has returned to the topical. Admitted and not conceded that the ABC’s scoop is a hoax or not, the Movement’s opposition to trying to support Juan Guaidò, political opponent of the Venezuelan president, clashes. A few thousand masks arrived from Beijing were enough for the China he ensured the deafening silence of Minister Di Maio in the face of the evident human rights violation in Hong Kong. A silence aimed at safeguarding commercial relations with the Chinese regime, especially after the agreement on the Silk Road.

Finally, Di Maio continues to float on the hottest European issues such as Mes and Recovery fund. “In this crisis, Europe has responded strongly and I have confidence in the work of Ursula von der Leyen. Now it’s up to the Italian government to prove that it is up to the challenge “, he said in an interview with La Stampa in which he actually put the ball back in Conte’s hand: “The chairman of the board believes that the Recovery Fund will suffice and I don’t doubt his words.” A statement that seems to imply that Di Maio will not help Conte if he finds himself in difficulty on the Mes. The pollster Amadori, however, sentences: “Between Conte and Di Maio there is no history. Conte enjoys such transversal support and trust that Di Maio would not have a match. It’s like comparing the professor with the pupil. “

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