«He had already made advances to me, I had rejected him»


CORNUDA – Attempted murder, kidnapping, attempted sexual violence and injury. I am the range of hypotheses of crime that is evaluating the Demand after opening the file on the case of the 20 year old from Belluno tied to a chair and held for two interminable days in the home of a 63 year old from Cornuda, still hospitalized in a reserved prognosis after the blow received in the head by the young man, who was rescued on Friday morning in via Manzoni by firefighters and carabinieri after managing to free themselves.
«He tied me up and wants to set me on fire» the text message sent to the mother by the boy before the arrival of the rescuers, alerted by the neighbors who had noticed a strong smell of petrol come from the 63-year-old’s apartment, left with the blinds lowered for a couple of days. Both the 20 year old and the family friend, to whom the young man brought food during a long period of illness, will be investigated by the prosecutor. An act due to clarify precisely the escalation ended with the discovery of the two, naked and in a state of shock, in the apartment overflowing with petrol in via Manzoni, the boy with the torso marks and arms of the ropes with which he would have been tied in a chair, the sixty year old with a deep head injury from the blow struck by the young man using a marble statuette found in the apartment. The 63-year-old, again sedated and intubated, was transferred in the past few hours to the hospital of Montebelluna after an initial hospitalization in intensive care at Ca ‘Foncello, while the 20 year old, medicated at San Valentino, has already returned home. For the time being, together with his lawyer, the young man has preferred to make use of the option not to answer before investigators.
Last Wednesday the boy, residing in I want, he left the house early in the morning and went to visit the 63-year-old in Cornuda. It is not clear what the reason for the visit was, but the young man had known that family friend for a long time. He and his parents had helped him during a difficult period, and the 20 year old, according to what emerged, also had rejected his approach. “Some time ago he told me he was homosexual – he told his parents – he made advances but I rejected him.” On the same day, perhaps forced by the sixty year old, he sent a sms to the parents where he said he went to the beach with a friend, and that he would return the next day. At one o’clock the same evening he had a contact via WhatsApp with a friend, then nothing more, not even Thursday. He was no longer answering the phone. «I went to see him on Wednesday morning to take a nap and he took the opportunity to tie my wrists and ankles and undress. He left me without food or water tied to a chair – he told the following day, Friday, when the firefighters found him naked and in shock in the apartment in via Manzoni -. Wednesday night he forced me to write to my parents that I was in Jesolo and that I would stay out of bed, then he did it again the next day. He wanted me rape. He told me that if I tried to ask for help he would burn me alive ». In short, the man, after the violence or attempted violence, would have tied the young man to prevent him from running away. And at that point the situation would have further degenerated.
The deputy prosecutor Paolo Fietta, who is coordinating the investigations of the commander’s Montebelluna carabinieri Gabriele Favaro, he hopes to be able to hear, in the next few days, even the 63-year-old (responsible in 1984 for the murder of his adoptive mother, Antonia Parolin, killed with a gunshot at San Zenone degli Ezzelini), whose conditions, albeit very serious, would be in slight improvement. In the meantime, the investigators, to whom the boy has provided a first version of the facts, currently considered reliable, have planned a series of technical investigations, starting from the analysis of the mobile phones of the young man and the sixty year old. Reliefs will also be made on the statuette considered the weapon used by the 20-year-old to defend himself, and on the signs of constriction on the young man’s body, so as to be able to unravel the last doubts on a case still to be fully clarified.


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