He eats raw fish and a black worm grows around the tonsil


He felt a strange pain at the height of tonsils for five days now and so she went to St. Luke’s International Hospital di Tokyo. The doctors immediately realized that there was something strange in the patient’s throat just at the height of the left tonsil she had black worm that was writhing. It was one pseudoterranova azarasi, a parasite 38 millimeters long and 1.5 wide. The 25-year-old woman revealed to specialists that she began to feel pain after consuming a plate of “assorted sashimi”, raw fish. In the research, which was published in the scientific journal American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, it was the doctors who linked that sashimi meal to the arrival of the guest in the young woman’s body.

The parasite usually settles in the stomach and one is needed endoscopy to remove it. In this case, however, it was a fourth stage larva that was growing around the tonsilla. The pseudoterranova is a genus of parasite of the Anisakis family, particularly present in raw fish and which can cause theanisakidosi, disease that causes about 20 thousand cases every year. The authors of the study, from St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, highlight how it is a rare event, but the parasite “can infect humans who consume raw fish or undercooked, including sushi and sashimi “.

In another case study, three people in Chile who were diagnosed with a parasite experienced “throat tingling syndrome”, including coughing and retching, after eating ceviche, a typical Chilean dish based on raw fish. All three expelled the parasites by coughing without further complications, according to the case study.

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