He asks Conte, the premier, for a hot selfie: “Let’s keep our distance”


He asks Conte, the premier, for a hot selfie: We keep our distance

All crazy for Giuseppe Conte. In the walk that the premier takes for a frugal lunch with his staff a few steps from Palazzo Chigi, the Prime Minister is stopped by dozens of fans, those who ask for a smile, those who take a selfie, those who joke ‘marry me’. In front of a shoe shop in via del Corso, the shouts of the orders reach the premier who stops, turns around and jokes: “did anyone feel bad?”.

In another shop, the vendors offer a black shirt as a gift to Conte, the president thanks but sends the gift back to the sender with a good-natured ‘chopstick’: “You must come, de-re, ven-de-re”. And when he has almost reached his destination, a young woman approaches, blonde, light yellow dress, hat with wide brim on her head and very tanned.

“President, I’m an ex-student, I almost took the private law exam with you in Florence,” she says directly to the Prime Minister, so much so that curious journalists ask her if Conte was a severe teacher or not. But the young woman ignores the reporters and asks for a selfie with words that freeze the premier himself: “Let’s take a selfie, even if I should take off my underwear and bra to take pictures of this type”. Conte, visibly embarrassed, concedes himself to the snap but the girl cold: “We keep the distance,” he says.

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