HBO will make a series about the Coronavirus


The series is said to be based on the book ‘The First Shot’ by Brendan Borrell …

HBO is developing a series that will focus on the worldwide search for a vaccine against COVID-19.

The series produced by HBO is based on the book The First Shot from author Brendan Borrell. Strikingly, the non-fiction book has yet to be released. In the book, Borrell tells the story of not only the individuals, but also the companies that do everything in their power to save lives. In addition, special attention is also paid to the scientific as well as political challenges associated with the development of the vaccine. Succession

The series’ executive producer is Adam McKay. McKay may know you from the drama series Succession which he was previously responsible for. Before the outbreak of the Corona crisis, he also worked on a series based on South Korean film Parasite.

At the time of writing, according to several sources, including The New York Times as many as 165 possible vaccines are being developed against the Coronavirus. 27 of these vaccines are now also being tested on humans.

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