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If you are rich, surely.

PlayStation 5 will continue to have its super-fast SSD as the cutting edge of the entire hardware for many years to come. However, as PC gamers know, sooner or later a memory will arrive on the market that will equal the performance of PS5, to inevitably surpass them.

That moment has not yet come … or yes? In the new video by Linus Tech Tips, youtuber specialized in PC Gaming, we are presented with a new solid-state memory, currently the most advanced on the market, whose performance could already make those of the PS5 SSD pale.

The SSD PC in question would be theAORUS Gen4 8TB, with an impressive speed of 15GB / s, an incredible figure if compared to the 5.5GB / s of the PS5. On paper, this would make the next-gen Sony already “obsolete” but, as usual, there are numerous quibbles to be underlined.

First of all, the incredibly prohibitive price: on Amazon, the SSD in question is sold for just under 2000 dollars, enough to buy (theoretically) 3 or 4 PlayStation 5. In addition, in order to work, the SSD needs a hardware ecosystem equally advanced: being connectable only through a door PCI Express Gen 4 16x, an appropriate motherboard and an equally powerful CPU are required, such as one AMD Ryzen Threadripper (and even here we are talking about several hundred dollars).

In short, creating a PC that surpasses PS5 is currently unthinkable for the pockets of a simple player, possible, but very difficult.

As Linus himself reminds us, although the costs are currently very prohibitive, the hardware market is constantly and rapidly evolving and it will not take long before such technologies become affordable for everyone. It will only be a matter of time.

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What do you think? How long do you think it will take before you can build superior PCs in all respects to next-gen consoles at low prices?

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