Harvey Weinstein tries to let case go to another judge …


Harvey Weinstein wants to have the bankruptcy court review the sexual abuse case against him. He submitted the papers for this on Tuesday, reports the news site Deadline. Victims of the former film producer are absolutely not happy with this.

Two weeks ago, the New York judge dismissed a further settlement in the same case against Weinstein, in which a proposal of about $ 19 million was made to buy off further lawsuits from the victims. The judge found it a bogus settlement and unfair. Although there was talk of compensation up to $ 750,000 per person, that is part of a “cruel joke,” according to the lawyers. In practice, most women would likely receive $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 at most.

On Tuesday, Weinstein therefore tried to have his compensation case handled by another judge, that of the bankruptcy court. This court assesses the defendant’s financial situation and then comes up with a plan that allows the defendant to pay off part of his debt using his assets.

The lawyers of Weinstein’s victims have objected to this. “This is simply insulting and the New York Attorney General should immediately clarify that she does not allow this underhanded scheme.”

The New York District Court would come to a decision on how to proceed in the weeks after the old case was dismissed, but that has not yet happened.

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