«Handicapped of m ***». The father defends her and is beaten


Beatrice Ion she is 23, has Romanian origins but has lived in Italy for 16 years, since she was just a child: she is an Italian citizen and she feels so Italian that she also wears the wheelchair basketball national team jersey. But a few days ago she was unfortunately the protagonist of a episode of racism and violence that makes you shiver.Read also> Tottenham, shock for Aurier: the brother of the footballer killed at 26

The young woman who plays in the Amicacci Giulianova, was in Ardea, near Rome (where she lives) with her father when she was attacked by a man: she told it on her Facebook profile, underlining how it all started from the fact that Beatrice had a parking space for the disabled. The man let himself go to heavy insults against the girl and also attacked the father who had intervened to defend her.

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“I was attacked – she says – my dad is probably in the hospital with a broken cheekbone, because according to them we are foreigners from the c … who must return to their country. I leave aside the offenses that I took because I was disabled ». «Mum and I were inside, a guy yelled at us to go out. Dad was returning from his walk and was unable to speak, hit by a header and more. He was also screaming in front of the carabinieri: I have a criminal record, to your handicapped daughter I catch her on the street and I get a job. ”

The all under the eyes of passersby: nobody intervened, nobody reacted. «Don’t tell me that racism in Italy does not exist – Beatrice says – I lived it today after 16 years of living here and it hurts a lot. To those who attacked us I say to be ashamed, we will also be foreigners but we have more dignity than them and whoever looked at everything without doing anything should be even more ashamed ».

INDIGNATION FROM CONES AND CLUBS «Indignation and anger at the vile act of racism that the athlete Beatrice Ion has suffered, attacked yesterday together with her father» was expressed by Polisportiva Amicacci Giulianova, the Paralympic sports club of Abruzzo in which Beatrice plays. «Beatrice has lived in Italy for 16 years and is an Italian national team – recalls Amicacci in a note – The company joins the denunciation of the shameful episode and hopes that the culprits will be soon identified. The fight against racism remains at the center of Amicacci’s values, which has always been committed to breaking down all forms of discrimination. In Bea, for two years in Abruzzo where he attended the University of Teramo, a hug from the whole Amicacci family».

Even the regional president of the Abruzzo Cones, Enzo Imbastaro, expresses closeness to the athlete: «I read what happened and I am amazed. Unfortunately, these stories are repeating themselves with a certain frequency and for this we must raise the level of attention on serious episodes in order to avoid a dangerous escalation. My personal closeness to Coni Abruzzo and all the sport of Abruzzo goes to Beatrice Ion».

THE WORDS OF PANCALLI “I want to express solidarity and closeness to Beatrice Ion, athlete of the Italian national team of wheelchair basketball, victim together with her father, of a shameful physical and verbal aggression with a racial background”, declares the president of the Italian Paralympic Committee Luca Pancalli. «Beatrice – added Pancalli – wears the blue shirt with pride and commitment and has lived in our country for 16 years. His complaint makes you shiver. The insults related to his disability were added to the insults». “IS It is incredible to still have to comment on such episodes of hatred, violence and ignorance. These circumstances must make everyone think once again ». “I hope – concluded the number one of the CIP – those responsible for this ignoble gesture that deserves the firm condemnation of the whole country are identified as soon as possible. These individuals should volunteer in a Paralympic sports club for at least a month. Such an experience could teach them respect and civil coexistence “.

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