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The pandemic, the long stop and the revolutionized calendar have not changed the laws of the strongest, which has been in Formula 1 since 2014. The Mercedes in fact it is the front, untouchable. Valtteri Bottas is Lewis Hamiltonsurprisingly in this order, they armored the front row of the Austrian GP, ​​with just 12 thousandths to separate them from each other and a half second margin on Max Verstappen, the most immediate pursuer. From the parts of Brackley the satisfaction is so great, also for the pronouncement of the Federation on the much discussed DAS, the latest ingenious idea of ​​a team that cannot stop surprising.

F1 | Mercedes DAS: Red Bull complaint dismissed

It is something that you are able to feel – explained Lewis Hamilton about the device behind the wheel, answering a question from the English site The Racethe adaptations you can make are then able to perceive them “. The images showed how the two pilots of the new ‘black arrows’ used the mechanism only during the out lap, to help the tires enter the right temperature window, but the results are there for all to see: “It has proven completely legal and it’s something we’re proud ofthe – Hamilton reiterated – we are still trying to get to the top in terms of understanding. So we haven’t used it much yet, but we will understand it more as we take advantage of it. “.

FIA dismisses Red Bull complaint about DAS Mercedes

The Poleman of the day, the Finn Valtteri Bottas, has similar thoughts, who in the ritual interviews at the end of qualification had thanked the team several times for the big work done during the winter. “There is probably more potential depending on the circuits and conditions – added the former Williams driver – but we are using it and it is also becoming quite natural. It is not a huge thing in terms of performance, but every little thing helps and when you put many small things together, the result can be great “ he concluded.

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