Hamilton confirms rumors: “I’m rapper XNDA”


Lewis Hamilton is of course known as a six-time world champion in Formula 1, but also as a model, designer and rapper. The Brit has always been very open about his musical ambitions, but he has never yet confirmed under which pseudonym he made music. Until today. Hamilton said on Instagram that he is rapper XNDA.

It has been two years since rumors circulated that Hamilton could be heard in a song by Christina Aguilera. The song is called ‘Pipe’ and was recorded in collaboration with rapper XNDA. However, people never knew who this rapper exactly was, although there were suspicions. Many thought it was Hamilton who was part of the song of the world famous singer. Former F1 driver David Coulthard even said at the time that the 35-year-old driver would eventually exchange his Mercedes car for the music world. His expectation at the time was that ‘Hamilton will continue through 2020 [met Formule 1]he said at the time BBC’s Radio 2.

We are now of course in the middle of the 2020 season, but there is no sign of a possible departure from Hamilton. He did post a long post on his Instagram story today, in which he admits to be rapper XNDA. With this he confirms the public secret that has been alive for more than two years. The Stevenage driver says he had two hours to write and record his piece in the song. “The goal was to release music under a different name so that you could hear the music well before you knew it was me, but it didn’t go as planned. I got shy and didn’t recognize that it was me. I don’t know why, perhaps because of insecurities, fear, thinking too much about it, just things that many can relate to. ”

Hamilton then says that he is XNDA and that he is honored and thankful Christina Aguilera for giving him a place where he could use his voice. “I have so much gratitude and respect for her and what she has done in the music world.” Furthermore, the driver says that he wants to share more music with his fans. He currently has no album or project he is working on, but many different songs. These have helped him through difficult times, and he hopes it will help others too. Here’s the song by Christina Aguilera and Hamilton. The Formula 1 driver can be heard from 2:40.

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