Gymnasts Orange: the current team has a healthy sports climate


“Recently, there has been an accumulation of sad news from the gymnastics world. First internationally, but now also nationally. Our condolences go to everyone who has had negative experiences in our sport,” says Wevers, who shares her Instagram account.

She does that after several former gymnasts have broken the silence. They tell about their trainers: “He picked me up in the locker room and spat in my face. I was 12 years old.”

“We don’t recognize ourselves”

“As the current National Orange Selection, we value giving our reaction. We do not recognize ourselves in the picture that is now sketched of Dutch gymnastics with regard to the stories of the past. In the past there was room for physical and mental flogging, As far as we are concerned, this is a thing of the past. Our current team has a healthy top sports climate. ”

The statement is in response to the interview of gymnast coach Gerrit Beltman, who confessed in conversation with Noordhollands Dagblad that he abused and humiliated gymnasts years ago. Last weekend, several gymnasts told their story and other coaches were also accused of transgressive behavior.

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