Grouping in Antwerp catering industry threatens to take legal action … (Antwerp)



“Following the call from Mr Marc Van Ranst not to come to Antwerp last Saturday, our beautiful city has been transformed into a ghost town. Cancellations can no longer be counted, the cafes are empty, the restaurants close earlier, simply because they contain fear, ”according to a press release from Help de Horeca. “Due to the generalization of Mr. Van Ranst, panic has also hit the catering entrepreneur. A total lockdown has been created without actually pronouncing the word. ”

The group has meanwhile engaged a lawyer and is looking at what steps they can take against the virologist. “The past few days I’ve been flooded by the phones of people who have to close their business because no one is passing by,” says founder Johan Tisson.

Tisson says he has not yet had contact with Van Ranst because he “avoids any form of constructive conversation.”

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