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Beppe Grillo posts on his blog a “sonnet” in defense of Virginia Raggi entitled “Virgi, Roma nun te merita” (Virginia, Rome does not deserve you). In the text, in Roman dialect, written by Franco Ferrari, the mayor and “all honest people” are invited to “take the suitcase and abandon this beautiful and slender city”. “Virginia, take a suitcase – it’s the bitter provocation – your son and your husband that we go to these sewer people.” The lyric is a “j’accuse” to the Romans who take it out on “this poor Christ”. An attack also on former mayors of the capital and some entrepreneurs. “But you enjoy spitting in the face of a clean and stubborn mayor, one who does things.” The photo that accompanies the post is emblematic: the Raggi, with the tricolor band, greets. An exhortation not to apply again? In the past few days, Raggi spoke of a possible encore: «Beppe and I often talk to each other but do not discuss this. I have not expressed myself, I have not dissolved the reservation, many citizens have asked me but this is the moment of responsibility. We are still in full economic and social crisis. Now you have to work with your head down, the armchairs are not a topic to touch now ».

The integral sonnet
A Virgì, take a suitcase, you fijio, you husband, make me a whistle, that we go away from these people of sewer. Lassa loses. Don’t get me wrong, he’s making an asshole kiss, pure without stealing, and, whoever criticizes you here, whoever criticizes you there, whoever has a puppet on fire, and, jielo devi da tojie, e n’artra che se she complains that I didn’t answer her, that she didn’t go to hear her, that she had something to complain about. And what the hell! If she calls Virginia, she is not Our Lady of Divine Love! That, he says, works miracles.

I’m from Rome, and I’ve been living there for seventy years, and every time a mayor won, I would jump in and see what he was doing. In Rome it is said that: the horses if they see on arrival! And I always judged them at the end of the race. You do not, dear Romans, you must always break. It is not from today. You’ve been breaking cojoni for about three thousand years, but never do anything to shake hands, in fact, beat down!

Today, for example, she is still a woman, she was happy that she had put the light that hadn’t been there for forty years, at na via Torre Angela. You will tell me, but it was na via de borgata, forty years ago it was all abusive! And of course, it was abusive, as if it were an abusive house, it was a right, and, that, as soon as I know how to heal, I am condoning 1987, remember it, you who break er ca ‘, 1987. Nisuno, and I say nisuno, c ‘he had put his hand, because he puts the light on, he lights them. He says. But what are you proud of? I only know four street lamps. In the meantime, I know de ppiù, but it was also two, almost forty years, almost, that I had forgiven. So vintages break it down … on the other side.

I’m glad you didn’t blow the gonads with the holes, even if you haven’t finished redoing all the streets of Rome. But as it says, every vortex you have to do a job? Rome was not made in a day. And you, pretend that this poor Christ, who has to fight the Roman mafia, and the Casamonica families, casapound, new force, the cazzari, are two, and artichokes, Cartagirone with the newspapers, Angelucci with the clinics, and Pd, the League , the fascists, the gypsies, the thieves, the corrupt who were inside the commune, the corrupt of the Atac, the water leaks, the abusers in the communal houses, the politicians who occupied it, both.

Yes, I am tired of writing everything, and I am not finished, what you have done is over the years in four years, without wasting na lira, but as if you must have felt that you have done these things? And jianno broke, giving the fire, to the Tmb der Salario, to that of Rocca Cencia, jianno given fire to 1200 bins of the rubbish, they took away and mufflers to all the cars of the garden service, they are putting their nails on the beaches he did kidnapping them from offenders de Ostia, they are breaking the toilets for the disabled. What about you … Do you criticize? But vintages to fancina!

Instead of caring for your city, do you cheer for thieves, criminals, the very ones who made you live inside the rubbish, or do you believe that er name of the rubbish of Thomas Milian, is a name of fantasy? There was a rubbish, it was we who produced it, and there is nothing to do, we could throw it for a while, we throw it, we could put a sofa, around three in the night, near the dumpster, we, we will put it. You put er ass what is there to do, to call the Ama who is there for you, for free, at home?

You deserve Carraro, Signorello, Darida, Veltroni, Rutelli, Alemanno! Marine. From what I know alive and capacious, only Petroselli was well seen by all, but, Lord, he took it running, perhaps he wanted to make room for paradise. Everything else, rubbish on rubbish, of people, or of works, and the funny ones have invaded the city.

The soul of them mejo dead … yours, you nun ve hurry up to support it is little girl, Armenian, without putting them sticks among the rote, dear Romans, I owe you from that sète really infamous. And yes, because it is not enough for you to buy the bus with the cold and calla air, it is not enough for you to do all the roads again, it is ok for you to give it to the open sea, remember where you will be for the year on the beach from pay the entrance, sveja! It was all mafia, was it okay? No. Because I all felt that if I complained, and, there was no hole where he could annà ar mare.

For this I tell you that the honest should have pijà and suitcases, and annassene, abandonà is beautiful and slutty city. The old parties are won, fucking sète. Nun if he does more, and if he does anything, it will be because of the judiciary. But you, enjoy a spit in the face of a clean and stubborn mayor, one who does things. Think about it, you have eleven months of time, because you think well.

Either you want Rome, or you are dead, that Rome, that artery, magnifies it.

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