GP Styria, Ferrari mess: Hamilton triumphs



GP Styria, Ferrari mess: Hamilton triumphs

clash between the two Ferraris of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc in the first lap of the Styrian Grand Prix, second round of the F1 world championship and safety car on the track. The German retired while the Monegasque, who returned to the pits to change the front wing, started again in last position but he too raised the white flag after a few laps. In command is Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes in front of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

“I was fighting with two other cars, I was in turn 3. Charles took the inside, I didn’t expect him to overtake there, I don’t think there was room. Too bad something happened that we should have avoided. I could not have done anything, I tried to drive as calmly as possible, then I found myself damaged in the car and retired “, comments Vettel who adds:” We could not try the race pace, the car gave good sensations to the Friday but yesterday we took the wrong road. With the updates I would have liked to do the race … “, concludes Vettel.

I apologized to Sebastian. I am always honest, today I was not absolutely good. I’m disappointed in myself, it was difficult to do a performance like last Sunday, but it’s my fault. I’m so sorry for the team who worked so hard to bring an upgrade here, “he says Leclerc seeks no excuse and blames himself entirely for the accident. “There is no excuse, I really wanted to do well, maybe too much. I saw a hole, I said to myself ‘I’ll try’. I should have thought more, today it’s completely my fault, I’m sorry,” adds Leclerc.

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