GP Styria: Ferrari disaster, fans unleashed on social media


SPIELBERG – Ferrari’s flop in the Styrian GP qualifying, second round of the Formula 1 World Championship, unleashes fans from the Maranello team. On Twitter, where the hashtag #Ferrari enters the trends, after Sebastian Vettel’s tenth place and Charles Leclerc’s eleventh, further downgraded by three positions. “This is truly the worst Ferrari ever”, writes a user on Twitter. “Really embarrassing situation”writes another, in a crescendo of disappointment and anger. The posts follow one another: “Slow on the straight, slow in corners, slow in the wet and slow in the dry. Perfectly balanced”, he becomes ironic. “Maybe with a different engine type, a different aerodynamics, a different wing. A different car”, yet. “What is the excuse of the day to justify yet another disastrous weekend ahead?”, asks another user. A few tweets manage to snatch a laugh: “It’s not rain, it’s the tears of Carlos Sainz who thinks he signed with Ferrari” (the next driver from the Maranello team finished third, his best career result in qualifying),

Binotto under accusation

Vitriolic tweet against team principal Mattia Binotto, for whom a hashtag, #GiannieBinotto, was also coined. “A Ferrarista would have taken a step back and admitted his mistakes, perhaps he is more tied to the place and the relative salary than to the performance of the car”, writes a user. “Never seen worse team principal”, “Only for the image damage Binotto & C. should be fired already tonight”, “It’s time to take responsibility”, “You are unable to design a decent car”, it reads on social media. Someone invokes the return of Maurizio Arrivabene: “Maurizio Arrivabene forgive me for all the bad things I have told you over the years, but please come back, we need you”.

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