Google’s new Nest Home will arrive on July 13: here it is in live photos


About a month ago, we talked about how Google intended to expand the family Nest with the introduction of a new Home assistant. Born to be a renewed and enhanced version of the much appreciated Google Home, the unborn child finally shows himself in new live photos, complete with measurements and details of the wall socket.

Prince (the code name of the device) has in fact recently appeared on FCC and the attached photos allow us to draw some initial considerations. Dimensionally speaking the product is slightly more voluminous than the Google Home, this to make room for some larger speakers and consequently better. This aligns with Google’s intention to improve sound quality of their products, which we have already seen with the move from Google Home Mini to Nest Mini.

This could also give us a clue on the future name: in fact wanting to maintain the family feeling with the Nest Mini, Prince could turn into Nest Home, or simply Nest. We also remind you that the arrival of this product will most likely mark the Google Home sales cease, which will continue to work and be supported anyway.


In response to leaks related to photos that emerged from the FCC database, Google sent to colleagues of The Verge a photo and a short video of the product, effectively confirming its existence and aesthetics. The video also shows two of the colors in which it will be proposed: light blue e rosa.


Nest’s new smart speaker will be officially unveiled on July 13, 2020. This was revealed by the official Google Nest account on Twitter, which with the mini-video of a few seconds that you find below has reiterated “Take a deep breath and get ready. Something special is coming on Monday“. In all likelihood, other products may arrive during the event besides the aforementioned new one Nest Home, therefore continue to follow us on our site to stay updated on everything.

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