Goddess, what an evening! Papu top and Gosens decisive, ninth league goal


Yet another assist for the captain, amazing even without scoring. And the German does not stop anymore …

Armored fourth place, another big defeat and 82 goals scored: it is impossible, in this Atalanta, to spot some failures after the 2-0 against Napoli. High marks will be wasted, even if Gomez and Gosens deserve the cover of another (yet another) evening to remember for an unstoppable Goddess.

Alejandro Gomez

Miles traveled, always with a technique of applause: Papu is infinite and the assist in the 47 ‘for the 1-0 signed by Pasalic coincides with the 15th (yes, the 15th) in this championship. Irreplaceable, leader, flag, symbol … You choose the best label for the Argentine number 10: all are fine.

Robin Gosens

Even ten goals this season, nine in Serie A: with what courage do we call him full back? On paper he is, on the pitch he is an “all-rounder” who runs, crosses and, above all, scores. And how much it marks … At the moment, isn’t it one of the top exteriors in Europe?

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