GoCycle GX, the update of the uniquely designed e-bike: prices


The update of the GoCycle GX 2020, which further improves the performance and comfort of the futuristic e-bike folding, winner of several awards for its design in 2019. The front fork is borrowed from the “sister” GoCycle GXi: in doing so, the manufacturers have managed to maximize the comfort and dynamics of the bike.

The cable passage system has also been finished: the only visible wire is the one that starts from the handlebar and continues towards the rear wheel. These measures allow the GoCycle GX 2020 to have a cleaner overall look: a detail that will certainly be appreciated by all its future users. The cable layout has also been optimized internally, so as to guarantee more immediate closing mechanisms, along with an even simpler battery removal process.

Gocycle announces the arrival of the new GX 2020 while the e-bike sector is experiencing a period of great expansion. The adjustments made to the e-bike led to a weight reduction of 300 grams, for a total weight of 17.8 kilograms. The GoCycle GX 2020 is equipped with a 500 W motor which allows it to reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. The removable battery is 300 Wh and according to official data, it allows you to have amaximum range of 65 kilometers which varies according to the mode selected by the cyclist.

GoCycle GX

Source: GoCycle Press Office

The GoCycle GX 2020 can be folded in about ten seconds and brought back to operating conditions, ready to go, with the same speed. Once closed, the wheels are parallel, a detail that makes it very comfortable to move by holding it by the hand for the saddle. The new GX, as already happens on the other models of the GoCycle folding city bikes, it has PitstopWheel magnesium wheels that can be unhooked and extracted very quickly.

As standard, the new GX 2020 is equipped with a traction control system on the front wheel: in the event of loss of grip, the system starts operating by reducing the power of the engine and increasing stability and control. Also present the torque sensor, a three-speed mechanical gearbox and a battery charge indicator integrated in the handlebar, useful to keep total autonomy under control.

Available in the colors matt black, white and electric blue, the GoCycle GX 2020 will be launched at the price of 3,199 euros at a time when the e-bike market is growing visibly, thanks also to the Mobility Bonus included in the Relaunch Decree by the Government.

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