GLORY is organizing an event in December with Verhoeven, Hari and Ben Saddik | NOW


Kicksport association GLORY announced on Thursday that in December this year an event will be organized in which Rico Verhoeven, Badr Hari and Jamal Ben Saddik, among others, will participate.

The three world leaders will all take action, but the posters are not yet known. It is also not yet clear where the event will be organized, but the aim is that the public can attend.

It is certain that in December there will be a battle for the world title in the heavyweight, which is currently held by Verhoeven. In December last year, the Dutchman was too strong for Hari, who had to give up injured in Arnhem.

However, it doesn’t look like 31-year-old Verhoeven will face Hari again in the ring. At the beginning of this year, Ben Saddik said that he will be the first to challenge the title holder and that he is counting on a fight with Verhoeven in the autumn.

The two kickboxers competed for the world title for the first time in December 2017. Verhoeven won the fight in the sold out Ahoy with a technical knockout. In March 2011, the Belgian Moroccan was too strong for Verhoeven.

Badr Hari had to give up injured in December against Rico Verhoeven. (Photo: Pro Shots)

GLORY organizes first events in October

Hari and Verhoeven already faced each other in 2016 in Oberhausen, Germany, although that fight was not about the world title. The Dutch Moroccan had to give up injured, just like at the end of last year in Arnhem.

GLORY also announced on Thursday that the first events will be organized in October since the onset of the corona crisis. GLORY 76 (Friday October 2) and GLORY 77 (Saturday October 3) are held in Katwijk aan Zee.

On the first fight night, among others, four middleweight kickboxers participate and the winner may challenge title holder Alex Pereira. At GLORY 77, Cédric Doumbé will defend his title in the welterweight against an as yet unknown opponent. In October, two hundred spectators per night will be welcome.

The prospect of events in the fall is a major boost for GLORY, which is in a difficult financial situation. As a result of the corona crisis, the kick sport federation hardly made any income during the matchless period.


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