Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca will have a girl: We are waiting for you princess


Gianluca Vacchi e Sharon Fonseca they discovered the sex of the baby they are waiting for. Obviously the moment was shared on social media, collecting a shower of likes and comments on the couple’s wishes. The entrepreneur and the model have revealed that they will have a girl. For both it is the eldest. Here’s how they found out the sex of the baby.

Pink dust falls from a helicopter

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca have published a short video on social media accompanied by the caption: “We are happy to share with you the moment of our child’s sex revelation.” In the movie, the two hold hands. Their beloved dog is beside him. A helicopter appears on the horizon and slowly approaches them. Then, drop a pink powder into the void. Thus, Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca discover that they will have a girl. They embrace happily and the model melts into tears: “We are waiting for you, little princess, mom and dad”.

Sharon Fonseca is in the fifth month of pregnancy

Sharon Fonseca is in the fifth month of pregnancy. In an interview with the weekly Chi, Gianluca Vacchi admitted that they had not planned to expand the family: “To be honest, we weren’t planning on becoming parents now. But we’re happy!”. At, however, the entrepreneur has made it known that he will have no problem posting photos of his little girl on social networks:

“In November I become a dad: my daughter will be on social networks, because I have always shared my life with my audience. I have no type of filter, except for obviously very private moments that cannot be shared: I will do it with the right measure that I will establish with Sharon and that will certainly not be decided by a media court on the exposure of the minor “.

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