Ghislaine Maxwell not only recruiter, also abuser


Ghislaine was sued once by Virginia Guiffre in 2015, and court documents have now been released. Ghislaine was also accused by Virginia of sexual abuse of underage girls. In doing so, she is said to have posed as Epstein’s ‘whore madam’ and helped make Virginia available as a ‘sex slave’ to her important friends, such as Prince Andrew, at the age of 15.

There are actually more documents to be released, but Ghislaine’s law team has put a stop to that. Two court files have not yet been released, namely those with statements about her sex life and a statement by an unnamed prosecutor from Epstein. It would make it ‘difficult, if not impossible’ to involve an impartial jury in the criminal trial, Ghislaine’s lawyers believe. The judges will still decide whether or not to release the documents.

Not only Ghislaine fears for everything that is now coming out, Prince Andrew is also not feeling well. The British monarch continues to firmly deny that he had done anything wrong, but the new evidence in Ghislaine’s case seems to be different. You can see all about it in the video below.


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