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George Russell rushed to Alex Albon’s aid: “He’s made to look like an idiot” – Formula 1


Alexander Albon’s season at the top stable has gone poorly.

Williams F1 driver George Russell became its rival, Red Bull Alexander Albonin, in support of the Hungarian Saturday time trials. Albon, 24, was left in the top section of the car in the second section and finished 13th.

The Thai was heard annoying Red Bull about being injected into a car crowd on a track where a good time was hard to drive.

– He’s one of the best drivers. I, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc we can say that Albon has always been at the forefront of everything it has done. I don’t know what the hell is going on, Russell commented Sky Sportsille.

Russell says he has known Albon for 15 years. At the same time, they drove e.g. In the F2 class in 2018, when Russell won the series championship. Against Lecler, Albon competed in the 2016 GP3 series. Young star drivers are the future of F1, but Albon is currently under intense pressure and doubt on his neck.

– I feel really, really bad for him, because he makes him look like an idiot. That’s not what he is. He has always won in everything. I don’t know what’s going on, but they need to get things right, 22-year-old Russell sent greetings to Red Bull.

Albon got behind the wheel of the Red Bull midway last season from Toro Rosso. His early season can be considered partly a flop, although last Sunday the Thai finished fourth in the Styrian GP. In the opening race, he spun after colliding Lewis Hamilton with.

While the World Series scores are reasonable, Albon’s pace has not been satisfactory. Teammate Vestappen has been clearly faster than Albon.

Albon has focused on fighting the McLarens and Racing Points below the notch instead of seriously challenging Verstappen, let alone Mercedes drivers.

The entire Red Bull team’s performance on Saturday was down. Verstappen, who drove to the pole at the Hungaoring last year, was only seventh today.

Defending Albon, Russell himself tinted Saturday in time by joining the second section and finishing 12th, a notch better than Albon. The performance was achieved by Williams, who is not even close to the level of Red Bull in terms of competitiveness.

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