GENZANO – The citizens let off steam: “They only prune on the Corso, while suffocated here they die”


It’s a mess!“: This is one of the many comments, all tending to indignation, which accompanied the publication of the photographs relating to the pruning operations of the trees along the course of Genzano.

After via Giuseppe Di Vittorio starting from Wednesday 1st July along Corso Gramsci, in Genzano, the pruning works of the trees placed on the municipal territory have started.

And the photographs we published on ours Instagram profile, have caused the disappointment of many citizens, who have chosen the Castelli News Facebook page to express their perplexities.

The delays in pruning, which arrives in the summer, and, above all, the fate of two trees, which ended up being beheaded under the unstoppable blade of a chainsaw, are in the sights.

And punctually, the citizens launched themselves against the worsening of the cuts: “Pruning trees in summer is devastating, I would also like to understand if the trees cut were dry “, said a citizen, before someone replied laconically: “No, no hassle.”

Not wanting to replace those who have acted wisely, we hope that everything has been preceded by a wealthy expert opinion of an agronomist and in doing so we remember what happened in Piazza Mazzini, where the sudden cutting of the trees was never followed by the announced planting.

And there are many citizens who, on the contrary, complain because elsewhere the public greenery is left in a state of prevailing abandonment: “In Genzano there is only the course – commented one of our readers -. In via Carafa you die suffocated by the dust that the trees are there. We have applied for pruning over and over again through a condominium administrator but obviously we are not the Corso, yet we pay the same and at the same time we do not breathe “.

Some trees were not pruned, but felled with a cut a few centimeters from the ground “ highlighted a citizen. “If the tree was compromised – he added – it would have been better to pick it all off and replace it with a new tree in the fall. Will they do it? ”.

“There are Serie A roads and B and even C roads, but we have to pay the taxes anyway. Come and see Via United States of America on what condition trees are for years that can no longer be pruned.” Concept that is also found on other roads: “Via Roma have forgotten it for years and years and the trees are now taller than the buildings,” commented a Genzanese, while another citizen reacted like this: “We also pay taxes in via Bologna and here there are as many pruned trees as you want … “. The same situation is reported in via Parri and via Dott. Barbaliscia.

The general hope is that anyone who assumes the levers of command in the municipal building will be able to pay the right attention to the aspect of maintenance and also the protection of greenery, respecting the decorum, safety and, last but not least, the protection of the tree heritage.

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