Genoa-Juventus 1-3, the report cards: Dybala show, Ronaldo makes the CR7. Pinamonti stings


(76 ‘Pinamonti; 50’ Dybala, 56 ‘Ronaldo, 73’ Douglas Costa)

Perin 6.5 – Plastic on Dybala and Ronaldo, then still reactive on the Portuguese in the first half. In the second half, the protagonists remain those, the outcome changes: blameless on the good goals of the 10 and 7 bianconeri, as well as on that of Douglas Costa.

Romero 6 – CR7 stings when turning away. Coriaceco, without too many burrs.

Soumaoro 5.5 – On the aerial balls, better to stay away from him. But the duel with a non-specialist like Dybala is simple, for someone like him. Too soft, like all Nicola’s rearguard, on Ronalo’s goal.

Masiello 5 – Slightly late on Cristiano and the Portuguese does not forgive. Some uncertainty here and there.

Ghiglione 5,5 – Some sketches of initiative, not great suffering on Danilo who pushes little or no point. Nothing memorable. (From 62 ‘Barreca 5.5 – Douglas Costa just entered is an ugly beast. In theory he would be cool too, the Brazilian leaves him on the spot and scores. ).

Behrami 5.5 – Out of revs on Dybala’s goal that opens and perhaps closes the challenge. Better when churning balls forward.

Schone 5.5 – Director but marking on the opposing ball carriers, he goes out to avoid the second yellow and for a few too many lost balls. (From 46 ‘Lerager 5 – Ten minutes to touch the first ball. The charge doesn’t sound exactly).

Cassata 5 – Race from headache on the Uruguayan Bentancur, which dominates him in any fundamental. (From 78 ‘Pandev 5.5 – Juve is his favorite victim, he plays too little to puncture it).

Sturaro 6 – He takes a hit on Cuadrado: not obvious, even if he knows him very well. (From 75 ‘Biraschi 6 – His the cross from which Pinamonti’s goal was born. Good impact).

Favilli 5 – Some nice movement also occurs in the parts of Szczesny. But, too vehemently on the ankles of the black and white defenders, he risks the red after half an hour and Nicola removes it as a precaution. (From 46 ‘Sanabria 6 – A breath of freshness. It does not make havoc, but awakens the sleeping Griffon).

Pinamonti 6.5 – He is the man of hope. It marks the 3-1 that it is worth shortening the measures but it is not enough to grab the champions of Italy. A message, even to those who follow it on the market.

Nicholas 5.5 – His Genoa does what he can, against an objectively superior team. Prudent (probably rightly so) on foreign exchange, he is not mistaken and guesses the entrance to Sanabria. Even against the first of the class, however, something more is needed

Szczesny 6 – He can do little or nothing on the goal, save a possible 3-2 again by Pinamonti. Not very busy.

Cuadrado 6 – Well pushed, at times dominant. He ends up on the dry dribbling of the 99 rossoblù: half a vote less.

De Ligt 6.5 – He takes the defense by the hand and is new given the experience of his partner. The criticisms are only a memory, it is a certainty.

Bonucci 6 – As said, this time he is accompanied, more than the young Dutchman does. Not very good on the cross which is worth 2-1.

Danilo 5.5 – He returns and has to repel the negative feelings between rigor and red at the first outings. Do the homework.

Bentancur 7 – It grows visibly. He closes in the position that is likely to be his in the future, but plays a great game of mezzala. On each ball, always clean and punctual.

Pjanic 6.5 – Perhaps we imagine the effects of the market. It is the usual Miralem of this shot: not bad, but not dominant either. Some laudable initiative, increases the engine rpm (exceeds 100 touches) and starts the goal of Ronaldo. However better. (From 74 ‘Ramsey 5 – Enter and three minutes send in the door … Pinamonti. Fortunately for you there is Szczesny).

Rabiot 5.5 – You can even see it in the opponent’s area, albeit without hurting. Phlegmatic as always: without infamy and as usual without praise. (From 84 ‘Matuidi s.v.).

Bernardeschi 6.5 – Maybe playing outside the home relieves the pressure. The fact is that, after Bologna, he produces another concrete performance. He misses the goal: in the long run it won’t be a detail. (From 66 ‘Douglas Costa 7 – The game works. So just bring it back. Cool, in the race in progress, against tired opponents, it is practically a certainty. And in fact he immediately finds the 3-0).

Dybala 7.5 – Unlock the result for the seventh time in this championship: he is the driver of Juventus. Who was selling it in the summer, it is always good to remember it. Again the goal is a pearl, of slalom and fine. (From 84 ‘Olivieri s.v.).

Ronaldo 7 – He tries in the first half, he succeeds in the second half. Back to the net on action: a goal of his, a violent stone from the distance that burns Perin. I’m 24 in this Serie A. Then he rests and goes out for the second time in the season. (From 74 ‘Higuain 6 – He tries a hit one, but this time he doesn’t find glory).

Sarri 6.5 – By waiting for a sarrista Juve, it seems that we forget the most important thing. To win. And he wins three times out of three in the championship: easy points? It may be, but in the meantime it is crucial for the Old Lady to do them. The little turnover game works, because the team is in tune and seems to have found the right laps. Douglas Costa moved to race in race: this also works.


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